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    RFS's Week 4 RAMblings...

    After today, the regular season is 25% over for our Rams. Where are we at?
    Since I became a die-hard fan, all I ever heard was "explosive offense", "high-powered offense", "high scores", "blowout", and other such terms to describe the boys in Blue and Gold. This year, I haven't heard many say that. Why? Is it because they lack the skill? No. Is it because of inconsistent players? No. Is it bad coaching? Very doubtful.
    Then why isn't St. Louis lighting up the scoreboards?
    We have the tools....Jackson, Holt, Bulger, Curtis, etc. The weapons are there, they are ready. Problem is, so are our opponents. We use our talent to create mismatches, they try to even things out a bit. It isn't that we aren't as's that our opponents are getting better. They have learned how Bulger thinks. They have learned how Martz likes to set up plays. They can predict what is coming at them better than they could in the past.
    We still have advantages...a lot of them. Steven Jackson is one of the best young running backs out there. He is like a concrete truck in a demolition derby...once he's moving, he doesn't care what's in his way, he'll just run over it. Too bad he isn't being used enough as of yet. He should be getting 100+ yards every game. Opposing defenses don't know what he will do. He is an ace in the hole for us. We still have Marshall...and he can still dance better than Barishnakov.
    He may not be racking up 100+ yard games, but nobody can stop him every time. Torry...he still knows how to teach the youngsters the meaning of "whooped". Reverend Ike still makes routes look so dang easy. Curtis makes a Corvette look sluggish. Then we have Barron...he's so big he makes a mountain gorilla look tiny. Problem is, he's untested...he may be a Godsend for us, or he may let us down. He's better than what we have had at RT for years....but is he ready? I guess we will find out.
    Our defense has been kidnapped by aliens and replaced with look-alikes. How else can we explain the way these guys are acting? Look at the difference since last year....if aliens aren't involved, how can you explain them?
    Wilkins...has he even had to make a tackle this year? What's up with that? Are the ST guys actually playing football? For the first time in a long time, I don't think they have to ride the elevator up from the basement. It's nice to see these guys actually playing average...
    So, how do we actually stack up this year?
    It seems as though no team is really dominant....yet. Even the NFL's pet team isn't on top...the pats are struggling a bit so far. Doesn't that just break your widdle heart? Seattle is doing OK...they are our main worry at this point. If we come out OK today (no injuries), and if we have the game plan for next week, we have the top spot in the division. We seem to be closely matched with them this year....a lot like last year. My opinion? Our offensive lineup will be good enough to hold up, and our defense is going to surprise them. We'll get the West again...and then to the playoffs. Will we go on from there? Only time will tell.
    So....three weeks into the season so far, and all we know is the Rams need to kick it up a notch. I want to see a win where our defense isn't having to carry us, a win that came CLEARLY from our offense. I want to see a 30 point spread...I want to see passing touchdowns. I want to see 75 yard rushing TDs. Most importantly....I want a game where Bulger never gets hit. I think if the O line keeps him safe, the numbers will start spinning on the scoreboard.

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    Re: RFS's Week 4 RAMblings...

    Didn't happen today

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    Re: RFS's Week 4 RAMblings...

    We lost no ground today, Alex is the real deal, all the pass plays and one sack. We have played 3 of our 4 games on the road. Yes it would have been nice to get this one, but not a big set back.


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