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View Poll Results: Are you concerned with Jerry Rice going to the Seahawks?

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    DJRamFan Guest

    Rice to Seahawks

    Are you concerned with Jerry Rice going to the Seahawks?

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    Re: Rice to Seahawks

    Yes and no. I think he can consistantly make the catches that his new teammates can't, but he does not have the speed to get down the field. He could be good as a posession reciever, but won't be a deep threat.

    I'm very interested to see what his role with the Seahawks will be. I can't imagine he will start, but who knows? If he doesn't start, it seems to me he's right back to the secondary role he played for the Faiders that promted his desire to be traded in the first place.

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    Marshall1 Guest

    Cool Re: Rice to Seahawks

    Quote Originally Posted by DJRamFan
    Are you concerned with Jerry Rice going to the Seahawks?
    Not really, I haven't heard a word about him at all. He does like the west coast, doesn't he. :ramlogo:

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    LaRamsFanLongTime Guest

    Re: Rice to Seahawks

    I can't imagine he will start, but who knows?
    With The whole puff puff pass thing he might start this weekend.
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    Hermes Guest

    Re: Rice to Seahawks

    In most cases, Rice is not much of a threat; he is on the downhill slide. But, considering how well the Rams' defense played at Miami, he could hurt them. I think my great aunt Paula, if she suited up, might be able to have a Pro Bowl day against the Rams' secondary.

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    theodus69 Guest

    Re: Rice to Seahawks

    Rice needs to bow out before he becomes a useless pile of sh%t ! He already missed the get out while on top and get out while you still have some dignity, so next will be the PILE!!!!! Some jocks just don't know when they become an embarrassment! Which will soon follow if Rice doesn't get out!

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