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    CanadianRam! Guest

    Richard Owens

    How come it seems that we donít use our FB Richard Owens much? If Linehan felt that he had to release Hedgecock to get him, why doesnít he actually use him? Instead of putting Klopper or getting Travis Minor as a blocker, why donít we use Owens? We definitely need a bigger presence blocking and Owens has to be a better blocker than Klop or Minor/Pittman. If weíre gonna use extra blockers, Iíd rather see Owens in there, at least heíll be more than just a pylon like some other garbage players.

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    Re: Richard Owens

    Good question CR! Perhaps we'll see Owens this Sunday?

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    keith m. klink Guest

    Re: Richard Owens

    this has bothered me since the whole hedgecock thing happened . ( hedge is playing in giants games , and seems to be doing quite well .) but there is no sign of OWENS , this te/hb/fb , that linehan had too have . and what of all this 4-te crap . with a o-line in such desperate need of help , why isn't the coach relying on arron walker more , and why , with WALKER , MCMICHAEL , KLOPFENSTEIN , is byrd still here , inactive , while we are bleeding linemen like a slit throat . there are bad decisions , and then there are bad decisions where a coach won't swallow his pride , realize that it's a bad move , and fix it . i have lost faith in this coach , not as a coaching standpoint , but as a person that makes way too many bad team decisions , that he will not admit too and in turn , try to remedy .

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    Re: Richard Owens

    Hey, maybe Ziggy doesn't want to cut him because of "cap issues".

    As for Owens, I don't know, you would think he'd get extensive time if he could block.

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