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    Riddle Me This, Batmen.

    Where did the energy come from? Why didn't we run out of gas again? These guys finished the deal today. We were in it, somehow. We caused and caught some big breaks when we needed to, but we played the game today and didn't lay down or turn off the switch.

    How could the team immediatly succeed with a new coach that was already on the coaching staff, and the defense play better in the bargain? What drama could have possibly been going on in the clubhouse? Will we ever know? Hhhhhmmmmmm.

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    Re: Riddle Me This, Batmen.

    Ever heard of the game being half mental? I think believing in yourself is half the battle and the team had the belief that they simply couldn't win under Linehan. New coach, new philosophy, new attitude, new scoreline.

    Kinda like the placebo effect. Although I do think Jim Haslett is a far better head coach than a d-coordinator.

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    Re: Riddle Me This, Batmen.

    You want the answer?

    1. Haslett cares about the organization as a whole. He has already made tons of changes to try turning the whole Rams franchise into a winner. It starts as small as cutting bushes and cleaning out the lobby, but then it turns into inviting the home staff to attend practice, eat with the coaches and players, and getting an overall building of trust and pride throughout the whole organization. Then it translates to a winning attitude spread to the players, and then they want to win. Moreover, Haslett's job just became to fire up the guys, not run the defense. Which leads to...

    2. It's my theory that Haslett is a much better head coach than coordinator. He's better working with men than with paper. He can motivate players, he can't motivate drawings. Moreover, he understands player better than X's and O's. Thusly, he fits in the head spot better than at DC, and Venturi is much better at those schemes, and runs them a lot better.

    3. Role players came through. OJ, Bartell, Little, Long, Pisa and Manning all came through on defense, while on offense, Bulger wasn't great, but did enough on that last drive, Jax has another 100 yards from scrimmage, and Avery kept showing why we drafted him. He made THE clutch grab, as well as a couple early on.

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    Re: Riddle Me This, Batmen.

    sig51--Indeed confidience in yourself is the Key to winning. When I played there where those games where I KNEW we would win. A lot of that comes from confidence in your coach whom you believe prepared you for the game.

    Indeed, Linehan had some major malfunction that he could get the team to "click". We the fans couldn't see what the malfunction was but only see the results come game day. We can only speculate what he was doing wrong and why he lost the team.

    Perhaps Hasslet provided that leadership and that confidience. Again as much as we wish are in the locker room and practise field, we are left to see the results--A WIN

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    Re: Riddle Me This, Batmen.

    Haslett made it happen. He was capable of motivating the player and keeping them in the game. Lets see how it goes against another good team in Dallas.

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