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    psycho9985 Guest

    Ridgeway's chances

    Ridgeway's chances of cracking the roster
    Posted by HappyNoodleBoy

    </B>There were a few of us who noticed his (and Atogwe's) absence against the Chargers -- it was later explained that Atogwe was held out because of a slight groin pull. Never heard any explanation about Ridgeway, though.

    Where does he stand right now, regarding his chances of making the final roster? Is he falling out of favor, or will he get a chance against Detroit on Monday night?

    Thanks for stopping by, btw!!!

    RE: Ridgeway's chances of cracking the roster
    Posted by Randy Karraker


    Ridgeway's ability to make the roster will depend upon how many receivers they carry. Otherwise, he'll be a practice squad guy. The Rams like him, but he's so far behind the "Big 5" right now that he'd never play if he makes the 53 man. At this point, I think they're more likely to carry six running backs or even five TE/FB (probably Williams, Manu, Goodspeed, Hedgecock and either Jensen or Collins). They do need at least seven receivers for practice, so he'd be a good candidate for that.

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: Ridgeway's chances

    I think Ridgeway's chances are good because Furrey has been moved to safety.

    Martz doesnt want to lose any wide receivers,and that I think is why furrey got moved to safety.

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    Re: Ridgeway's chances

    I am not sure about Jensen or Collins ability it would be nice to find a TE diamond in the rough. Williams is 30 had some injures the last few years has some receiving skills but age and injures will catch up eventually. Manu, younger at 25 but we have not seen much improvement year to year he is entering his 5th season 4th as a starter. With that said I think I would rather hope that Jensen or Collins would sign on with the practice squad. Then take my chances with Ridgeway and hope he signs on with the practice squad instead of some other team. None of the three will see significant game time if they make the team anyway. But I think Ridgeway has a better chance of moving ahead of McDonald or Looker then the two TEs do of moving ahead of Williams or Manu.

    We see how Martz sometimes forgets he has a TE on the team. If any O-coordinator can figure out how to get 6 WRs on the field at the same time it would be Mad Mike.
    We had 6 last year with Furrey why not try 6 this year.

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: Ridgeway's chances

    Yep thats Martz.Wide receivers to him is most high on his list.Looks like next year it better be O-line again.

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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: Ridgeway's chances

    Quote Originally Posted by psycho9985
    Yep thats Martz.Wide receivers to him is most high on his list.Looks like next year it better be O-line again.
    I agree. Our O is good except our OL why can't martz forget about WR and work on D. I don't think he has heard the slogan "Offense wins fans, Defense wins championships". I hope Ridgeway makes it. he is a good WR. I think he will b good in the future. He would play a good 5th String. I mean I think he is better than Furrey "was"


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