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    Kane Guest

    Rights & Wrongs of The Rams 2004-2005

    Let's start with the good. Marc Bulger - this is the first season that I've been really convinced by Marc. His play has improved considerably and he's not making so many mistakes. Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce have both had yet another great year, and I've been quite impressed by some of their understudies, particularly Kevin Curtis and Dane Looker. There's even hope for Shaun MacDonald - he actually called for a fair catch against the Falcons, instead of running backwards as per normal!

    Marshall Faulk is one class act. He may be bashed up and a bit older, he's lost a yard in pace, but he's still got the moves and the heart for this game. If every Ram played as hard as Marshall we'd be 16-0 and on the way to the Superbowl. Stepen Jackson has a lot of potential, but needsto be able to do more than just run.

    Now for the bad. The Offensive Line for me was not up to the job this year. People can whine all they like about injuries - every team gets injuries. For me they let Marc get hit too often and they need an overhaul.

    By far the weakest part of the whole team is the Sieve, which used to be a Defense. Who actually played well this season? Much of the blame must go to the Defensive Co-Ordinator. He should be fired by Monday evening at the latest. I would retain Little, Hawaii 50, Polley, Travis Fisher and Archuleta - largely based on previous years and the fact that even Marmie can't make them all bad players in one year - and cut the rest. We need to sign some good free agents and draft some quality.

    Also bad was Special Teams. Again, the Coach should be gone by Monday night.

    Martz needs to learn that you cannot win anything with Offense alone. If we do not replace the Defensive Co-Ordinator ad Special teams Coaches + do a major overhaul of Defensive personnel, you can write off 2005 right now.

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    lakerams Guest

    Re: Rights & Wrongs of The Rams 2004-2005

    as long as Martz is around, you can write off any of the upcoming seasons.

    if you don't count the 2001 playoff run when the offense could make up for Martz' playcalling, then Martz is 1-4 in the playoffs.

    the guy can win games in the regular season, but when it comes to the playoffs, he gets outcoached every time.

    hell, he just lost to a rookie HC and a QB that can't throw. and it all boils down to his inability to adjust his game plan and getting the team prepared to play. he is simply unable to do that.


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