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    dkay Guest

    Question Robert Holcome

    As a U of I alumni, I have been following Robert Holcome since he was at Illinois. Since he has been with the Rams he has, to my knowledge, been a quality fullback and has excellent blocking skills. I was dismayed when I heard that he would leave his starting position at fullback and was switched to halfback behind Marshall. What does this move represent? Is Martz unsatisfied with Robert's service as fullback? Is Martz simply looking for a little more depth at halfback? Any thoughts on the issue?

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    MsWistRAM Guest
    I don't know the full situation behind them switching him, but it may have alot to do with the questions surrounding who will back up Marshall. They may just want to have someone dependable there instead of the questionable Trung. His recent weight loss doesn't seem to affect how he plays, at least not in camp. If they can depend on him to perform when he's not 100%, then that may be reason enough.

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    He only moved to fullback last season.

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    MsWistRAM Guest
    Pardon my ignorance.

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    dkay Guest

    Reply to Ramdez

    Thanks for the reply. However, if I am not mistaken last year was his second year as fullback. I think he may have been part of that "runningback committee" with Hill (who was eventually traded to Detroit). Then Marshall came along and DV had him gain some weight and switched him to fullback, a role he held during 99-00 (superbowl year) and then last year. That's two full years of service as fullback.
    Back to my original issue, as I recall, he was a serviceable halfback (but nothing great). He is more known for his power and durability than speed, which seems to be in contrast to the Ram's philosophy. Anyhow, he seemed to be more of a solid fullback then halfback. I was just wondering if anyone had heard anything.

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