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    Ford Guest

    Rod Jones A Skin

    Rod Jones has signed with the Redskins, what can you guys tell me about him?

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    Saintyboy87 Guest
    He's an offensive tackle. Very good. Think we got him from the Bronco's, but don't quote me on that

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    Saintyboy87 Guest
    Just found out a little more. 6-5, 325lbs. 5 year starter signed from Bengals (not Bronco's) 1999

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    YodaRam Guest
    I liked Rod Jones. Pretty solid. It will be interesting to see who steps up in that position now.

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    DJRamFan Guest
    I have never been impressed with him. We picked him up last offseason after he was released from Cincinnati (that alone should speak volumes).

    He filled in when Tucker was injured. He played better than an injured Tucker but other than that i was not impressed. He seems to be a career backup.

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    He gave up the rush that caused Warner to throw the pick in the Super Bowl. If you are a Redskins fan, you can have him.

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    Big prototype Tackle, had personal problems that kept him out of much of camp. He wasn't sure if he wanted to keep playing football. Having said that he was respectable in place of the injured Tucker until that blown assignment that led to the interception.

    I read somewhere that the skins were going to move him to guard. I hope they've got a BIG QB to pass over the top of him


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    I agree with DJRamFan. He was a nice backup but definitely not worthy of starting on the Rams.


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    Ford Guest
    Yea we will give him a chance to compete for a starting guard position .. we have the best tackle pair in the league (some say arguably, but I adamantly belive it's true) and there's no chance this guy could touch Jansen or Samuels. Thanks for the info, guys .. sounds like we may still use a first round draft choice on a guard.

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