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    Romberg Ready for Opportunity

    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    By Nick Wagoner
    Senior Writer

    For the first couple of years, Brett Romberg spent his Sunday nights and Mondays like many other NFL players, watching football on television.

    But Romberg wasn’t necessarily paying much attention to the game themselves so much as what was running across the bottom of the screen.

    “I used to always sit and watch the crawl on Sunday night or Monday and see who got hurt,” Romberg said.

    Romberg’s wife, Emily, would also scan the waiver wires and injury reports to search for potential job openings for her husband, who was stuck on Jacksonville’s practice squad hoping for a call to someone, anyone’s active roster.

    “My wife would be at work in there looking for me,” Romberg said. “She’d be at work on Monday mornings and call me saying, ‘This guy got hurt and this guy got hurt.’ I’d say ‘Baby, those are tackles, wrong position.”’

    After two years of waiting and hoping for his opportunity to come along, Romberg finally gave up on the practice of wishing and hoping and decided that it was time to let fate take over.

    “After the first couple of years, I kind of stopped doing it,” Romberg said. “I figured I’d let the chips fall where they may and if I get a call I get a call.”

    When Rams starter Andy McCollum suffered a torn anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligament in Sunday’s win against Denver, Romberg had no idea that it happened. Certainly, nobody expected that job to come open anytime soon considering McCollum’s track record of durability and health.

    Romberg didn’t even find out about McCollum’s injury until he got a call from the Rams on Monday.

    “I didn’t find out anybody got hurt until I got the call the next morning and they didn’t know what his MRI results might have been,” Romberg said.

    Romberg’s long wait for a shot on an active roster finally came to an end Tuesday when the Rams signed him to their active roster. He spent three seasons with Jacksonville, where he bounced back and forth between the active roster and the practice squad.

    Romberg spent the first 12 weeks of the 2005 season on Jacksonville’s practice squad before being promoted to the active roster on Dec. 9. He was inactive for the final four games of the year and the team’s playoff game against New England.

    Romberg’s only game experience came in 2004 when he played in one game, against Tennessee. He spent all of that season on the active roster and was active for six games.

    This year, he was squeezed off the active roster and placed back on the practice squad.

    “It was always back and forth,” Romberg said. “It was never consistent. It came down to a numbers thing a lot of the times and then they brought in somebody else from Seattle. Certain coaches like certain people.”

    Fortunately for Romberg, there was at least one coach in St. Louis who liked him. Offensive line coach Paul Boudreau coached Romberg in Jacksonville and was familiar with what he could bring to the table. Earlier in the offseason, the Rams brought in Cory Withrow and looked at Romberg as precautionary measures. Ultimately, Romberg’s relationship with Boudreau helped land him in St. Louis.

    “Brett played for Paul Boudreau down in Jacksonville,” coach Scott Linehan said. “(So,) he knows our offensive line calls. His learning curve is going to be pretty quick. He already knows the line calls as opposed to going through those hours of learning the verbiage. So that helps. He played well in the preseason. He gives us some insurance there.”

    Romberg as an All American and won the Rimington Award as the nation’s top center in his time at the University of Miami. Even with those awards in his pocket, he went undrafted coming out of college.

    To this day, Romberg can’t figure out why, with his college performance, he didn’t get drafted. But, instead of sulking, Romberg uses that as motivation.

    “I don’t know,” Romberg said. “Those are questions I have not had answered. Even Richie (Incognito) came in and he recognized me right away. He was at my awards ceremony when he was at Nebraska. He asked me ‘What did you do? Did you kill somebody or what?’ I said ‘I don’t know, I just do what they tell me.”’

    Boudreau isn’t the only familiar face in St. Louis for Romberg to renew acquaintances with. A native of Windsor, Ontario, Romberg played high school football against safety Oshiomogho Atogwe.

    “It’s great to have a fellow Canadian on the team,” Romberg said. “It’s been a long time since I have played with a guy from home.”

    ROSTER MOVES: The Rams lost defensive tackle Montavious Stanley from the practice squad after Jacksonville signed him to the active roster Wednesday morning.

    St. Louis brought back defensive tackle Tim Sandidge and added him to the practice squad in Stanley’s place Wednesday.

    INJURY REPORT: Linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa, defensive tackle Jimmy Kennedy and linebacker Jamal Brooks are the only Rams on Wednesday’s injury report. Tinoisamoa suffered a mild foot sprain in Sunday’s game and was held out of Wednesday’s workout.

    Tinoisamoa has played through pain many times before, including a number of shoulder separations in 2004, so it isn’t likely that he would miss Sunday’s game short of having an amputation of some sort.

    Linehan said the injury came up on short notice after Tinoisamoa did his best to let on that he was healthy.

    “I guess Pisa doesn’t want anyone to think he ever has any pain, but he has mild sprain in his foot,” Linehan said. “He should continue to get better as the week goes on, but we’ll monitor that.”

    Kennedy had pins inserted in his broken right hand Monday and is in the process of recovering. He participated in Wednesday’s practice, but was limited. Brooks has an infection in his knee that caused him to be held out of parts of the practice as well. All three players are listed as questionable, but it’s unlikely that any will miss this week’s game.

    For San Francisco, the injury report is lengthier and includes some more serious injuries. One major blow is the loss of guard Larry Allen, who has a knee injury. He is listed as out and will not participate in Sunday’s game.

    Starting left tackle Jonas Jennings is doubtful because of an ankle injury. The injuries to Jennings and Allen would leave large gaps in the left side of the offensive line.

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    Re: Romberg Ready for Opportunity

    Starting left tackle Jonas Jennings is doubtful because of an ankle injury. The injuries to Jennings and Allen would leave large gaps in the left side of the offensive line.
    And the RAMS defensive line is licking it's chops.

    Question is, how many sacks will we have this week?

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey

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    Re: Romberg Ready for Opportunity

    Answer: 472 sacks, lol I'm jk I'm guessing 6 sacks this week!!
    Built RAM tough

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    Re: Romberg Ready for Opportunity

    I say we have 5 sacks this week. The loss of Allen could be a huge blow to the ***** line. Jim Haslett must be happy

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    Re: Romberg Ready for Opportunity

    Im guessing we will have 8 or better

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    Re: Romberg Ready for Opportunity

    They better get an army ready to block leonard who is cleary a man on a mission (contract year).

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel


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