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    chipperjones Guest

    Ron Bartell

    I know almost nobody cares about this, but I do.I think he should be used more.For instance, instead of Chavous guarding the slot receiver, it should be Bartell.I beleive if he is utilized correctly, he could be a bright spot on this not so bright defence.He made a nice play on special teams,saving a touchback.Anyone see that.With this season all but over, [I hated to say that] we have nothing to lose.What do you think.

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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: Ron Bartell

    I agree. I'd love to see Bartell more in Nickel and Dime packages. I think he could bring something better to the table rather than a SS covering a WR.

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    Re: Ron Bartell

    I saw the play on special teams today. Very nice.

    I have been calling for Bartell and Butler for weeks, but we got Fisher and now Hill instead. I wish we knew why the coaching staff made the decisions that they do about who gets to start and who does not.


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