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    Ron Borges on Rams

    Sat Jul-23-05

    Rams have tools to go far if they protect QB St. Louis focuses on improving pass protection in offseason \ The Rams have been completely made over defensively and nearly so offensively from the one that went to the Super Bowl five years ago.

    Coach Mike Martz believes they're good enough to win it all again, and offensively he may be right if quarterback Marc Bulger continues to improve his decision-making and passing accuracy. But that will be impossible if Martz can't find a way to better protect his quarterback.

    \It was poor pass protection that broke the thumb and the spirit of Kurt Warner and although Bulger cut his interceptions from 22 to 14 and completed 66.2 percent of his throws for 3,964 yards, he did it too often under duress.

    The Rams will work hard to improve their pass protection after allowing 50 sacks last season, their highest total since 1996. Martz claims at least 20 percent of those sacks were the fault of backs not picking up blitzes, but that doesn't help Bulger when he's staring through his ear hole.

    To correct things, the Rams drafted tackle Alex Barron first, and three of their first six picks were offensive linemen. St. Louis hopes Barron will be able to step in immediately at right tackle and be an upgrade. If he's solid it leaves the perimeters safe because left tackle Orlando Pace is still among the best in football. But if Barron isn't ready? Timber!

    Defensively, the Rams signed two free agent linebackers in Dexter Coakley and Chris Claiborne. Coakley is undersized but has been a tackling machine most of his career. Claiborne has great size and plenty of experience to step in immediately.

    Martz needs Coakley, Claiborne and the rest of his defense to make more plays. A year ago St. Louis forced only 15 turnovers and in a free-wheeling offense like Martz's, that's a problem because his team will turn the ball over. That's why St. Louis was a deadly -24 in takeover ratio, worst in the league.

    Lastly, Martz has to keep his players from being homesick. St. Louis was 6-2 at home last season, but on the road it not only went 2-6 but lost five of those road games by a combined score of 178-72.

    Hot seat: Steven Jackson.

    The big running back officially replaced future Hall of Famer Marshall Faulk as the lead back in the Rams' backfield.

    Jackson was impressive as a rookie, but it's one thing to gain 633 yards and average five yards a carry splitting time. It's another to carry the load, especially since Faulk did it about as well as anyone during his time. At 233 pounds, Jackson is a different kind of runner, more powerful but less elusive. Faulk will back up Jackson this season. How that goes will be determined by how well Jackson runs.


    The Rams are concerned about the play of safety Adam Archuleta, who is the last defensive player left in St. Louis from their 2000 Super Bowl team. Archuleta played with a herniated disk in his back last season and his play suffered as much as he did. He's back, but no one is sure if his back will hold up after choosing a route of rest and rehab rather than surgery. Archuleta also needs to continue as a big hitter, which he seemed to shy away from last year as his back gave him more difficulties. If either problem persists, his days will be numbered.


    The Rams may again be the most talented team in the division, but that doesn't always mean coach Mike Martz gets the most out of them. A year ago the Rams didn't travel well or score enough on the road. If they can overcome those problems they're in the division hunt, for what that's worth.



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    I think thats a fair asessment.We have alot of Questions we are waiting to get answered,Hopfully in camp.

    1. Will Barron make the grade this season?
    2.Is Adam healed enough to play at his past intensity?
    3.How much better will the Special teams be?
    4.Will the Defence catch on to Marmie's system,or remain confused by it?
    5.Can or will Martz manage the clock better.

    Even with these questions,I still like our chances.
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    Re: Ron Borges on Rams

    Wow. This guy actually did a fair assesment. He asks the same questions as us fans do. He wasn't afraid to give praise at the same time he was adding a question mark.
    Even though this is among the best of the assesments I have read (I give it a B+), he only repeated our sentiments, not really giving us anything new.
    Guess I'll have to wait until we win SB XL before I really know how well we do this year.

    Saint Louis
    of Los Angeles

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    Masspatsfan12 Guest

    Re: Ron Borges on Rams

    I wouldn't read too much into what borges talks about, I mean I read his column everyday in the globe up here in mass, hes pretty much clueless in most of what he writes. I think most of what anyone else comes up here in the forum is several notches above anything he writes about.

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    Re: Ron Borges on Rams

    Adam Archuleta, who is the last defensive player left in St. Louis from their 2000 Super Bowl team
    Why do people hit the enter button without checking facts?!?!?!? It's stupid stuff like this, that is making the entire "sports journalism" community look like a bunch of idiots!

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    Re: Ron Borges on Rams

    Oh, I know he trust me I know first hand and have read some of what he has written for the last few years from him writing for the Boston Globe.


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