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    talkstoangels61 Guest

    Rookies are playing well so..............

    So far the rookies that are getting playing time have done a decent job so far. Barron, Terrell. Bartell, why not get the other kids in there and lets see if they can produce! ........If your going to draft these kids and then not give them playing time then why draft at all?.........If they are going to set out all year then why not trade your draft picks for a impact player or a veteran that is proven! We don't need a bunch of project players on this team! It would free up cap and give our existing players more playing time!

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: Rookies are playing well so..............

    I think most of us agree.It would be cool if just for one week the Rams had to comply to the clan.

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    talkstoangels61 Guest

    Re: Rookies are playing well so..............

    Nah!!!!!! We'd coach for free and that would just make the coaching staff replacable!


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