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    Round Two: Best Case Scenario For Rams? Below .500

    Best-case scenario for Rams? Below .500.

    Monday, August 30, 2010

    How many games do you think the Rams will win this season?

    QUESTION: With most of the Patriots starters playing deep into the third quarter of last week’s exhibition game, it would seem to make the Rams victory all the more impressive. Given what you’ve seen from the team this preseason and throughout training camp, what do you think is a best-case scenario in terms of wins for the Rams this year?


    Although the play at New England was eye-opening and could be a confidence builder for young players, I’ll keep my “parade meter” at five games. Meaning, a parade should be held in the Rams’ honor if they win five games this season. As Spags suggested, let’s see if Sam Bradford can put strong games together, back-to-back.


    Putting aside the giddiness from the New England victory and understanding it was the preseason, it is difficult to imagine any sort of miracle one-year turnaround for last year’s 1-15 team. So let’s expect baby steps and look for four victories at the bottom end of expectations and, if things go wildly successful, 6-10.


    The start of the season is vital for the Rams. Three of the first four games are at home – Arizona, Washington and Seattle – and the road game is at Oakland. All four of those games are winnable. If the Rams came out of the first month at, say, 3-1, then they could conceivably wind up with perhaps seven wins. But a poor start probably dooms them to a 3- or 4-win finish.


    Best case? Maybe six victories. All along I believed the team should shoot for .500 this season, but the franchise did little outside the draft to move in that direction. Once the injuries start to mount, this team will be in big trouble. If the offensive line takes a hit or two, the Rams will suffer. If Steven Jackson misses a game or two, the Rams will suffer. The Donnie Avery injury will have a big impact. Bradford put on a nice show at New England, but let’s see what he does against real-game defensive game-planning before we book his Pro Bowl flight.

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    Re: Round Two: Best Case Scenario For Rams? Below .500

    I must not understand the term "best case" the way they do.

    We have seven games against teams that finished in the bottom 7 in 2009. Detroit, Tampa Bay, Washington, KC, Seattle (2x), and Oakland are all games that are pretty easy to predict as wins if you're going for a best case scenario. Not a one of those teams had more than 5 wins last season.

    We have four more games against teams that were .500. The ***** seem like a team on the rise, but if our defense can defend against the run, the idea that we might get lucky and beat Carolina and/or Denver isn't too crazy. Carolina lost Peppers, and Denver lost Marshall and Scheffler. If you asked me what I think is going to happen this year, I wouldn't give us those two. But if you asked me, "best case scenario?", I would. We're also lucky enough to get Arizona early while they're still figuring out their QB situation and the Chargers potentially before they get McNeil and Jackson back.

    But let's just say we beat all the teams on our schedule with less than 6 wins last season, split with all the teams that finished at .500, and lose to every team that finished above .500. That's still 9 wins. For a middle-of-the-pack team in the league, that would be a pretty conservative approach to predictions. For us, it's optimistic, but not out of the realm of possibility.
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    Re: Round Two: Best Case Scenario For Rams? Below .500

    Best case scenario? We win the Superbowl.

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    Re: Round Two: Best Case Scenario For Rams? Below .500

    Quote Originally Posted by Fleece
    We have seven games against teams that finished in the bottom 7 in 2009.
    True, Fleece; but those 7 games are all against a team that went 1-15 last year.

    Lots could happen this year, but until they do we are still the bottom of the barrel.

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    Re: Round Two: Best Case Scenario For Rams? Below .500

    To suggest that 5-6 wins is "best-case" is journalistically irresponsible. The Las Vegas line for wins is 4.5, so the best case is that we finish over by 0.5 games?!?

    Best-case is what happened to the dolphins the year after they were 1-15: 10-6 and the playoffs, only our ceiling is a bit higher than that team's was because of our obnoxiously easy schedule. If last Thursday was any indication, the WORST-case scenario is a 3-2 start (Az, @ Oak, Was, Sea, @ Det). Best case is 5-0.

    I think people underestimate the importance of a QB. Marshall Faulk was the number 1 RB in the league his last year at Indy. We got him for a 2nd and a 5th. What would it get Peyton Manning once he established himself as the best QB.... 10 1st round picks?!?!

    The point is that QB is infinitely more important than any other position. We have not had a worthy QB the last three years.

    We do now.

    If last Thursday

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    Re: Round Two: Best Case Scenario For Rams? Below .500

    Honestly I think we will be anywhere from 5-7 wins this season. I wish we went like 9-7 or something but I doubt it.... Then again anything can happen with Sam out there and obviously SJ39 running a s hard as hes ever ran....Plus the D is better so we have a lot of potential.

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    Re: Round Two: Best Case Scenario For Rams? Below .500

    I agree with Fleece

    Best case: 10 wins
    Reality: 5 wins if Jackson stays healthy
    If Jackson misses many games: 3 wins

    There is a difference between reality and the best case scenario. If everything goes perfectly without any more injuries, players develop perfectly and no hick-ups and Bradford overnight turns into the player we think he'll be in 3 years, this team can win 10+ games.

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    Re: Round Two: Best Case Scenario For Rams? Below .500

    Bradford's learning curve is incredibly steep right now. Performing at the level he did last week was a phenomenol event. Imagine when he's "settled in" ! If this team could pack in a few quick wins (assuming he starts) we're well set for upsets down the road...imho. And upsets happen...

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    Re: Round Two: Best Case Scenario For Rams? Below .500

    to me success would be beating the whiners twice!

    It's Jim not Chris

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