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    Re: Round Two: The Future Of Marc Bulger

    Quote Originally Posted by tomahawk247 View Post
    Its funny how Vick lovers are so quick to bash Bulger, forgetting how good he was in 2006 and prior. But then they bring up Vick being good in 2006 and prior as a reason we should sign Vick
    I don't even think it's a matter of anybody loving Vick, I think it's more of we've seen the best that Marc Bulger has to give and it's simply time to move on.

    But for the sake of your arguement, you'd have to admit that Vick is younger, always was a superior athelete, and has taken far less punishment over the last 3 years than has Bulger. All reasons to be optimistic about possibly aquiring him.

    But my thing is not as much aquire Vick as it is just aquire somebody different.

    For instance, I couldn't care less who they bring in at this point, as long as they bring in someone that could possibly change the fortunes of this team.

    Like I've stated before, Marc Bulger is not the answer and I believe he's proven that on the field.

    What's really funny is how some of you talk like 3 years ago was just yesterday or something.

    The reality for Marc Bulger is, it's like a lifetime ago. He has been battered and bruised every year since then, and he is certainly not the biggest, strongest, most durable guy that's ever played.

    And as the laws of physics would have it, he's not getting any younger. That is to say, he's becoming more and more succeptable to injury as time goes on, while taking longer and longer to heal from those injuries. That will only continue to get worse.

    Besides, we are a whopping 5 and 31 with Bulger at the helm over the last 3 years. Do we need to go 7 and 45 for some of you to smell the coffee?

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    Re: Round Two: The Future Of Marc Bulger

    Might all come down to his salary and how it affects the team. As mentioned in an earlier post the Rams are not tops in payroll.

    Fact is there has to be better protection of Bulger from his frontline--much like how the Colts line protects Manning. But more to the point regardless who is taking snaps behind center is the weapons recieving the ball. Lack of any credible passing game will spell the doom of any QB.

    S. Jackson can only loosen up a defense with his running just so much. But considering a defense needs but keep 7 players within 15 yards of the line to contain Jackson and clamp down on short to medium range passing, its little wonder the Rams finished 1-15.

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