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    Round Two: How Much Of A Pounding Can Bradford Take?

    How much of a pounding can Bradford take?

    Thursday, October 13, 2011

    QUESTION: Is there any danger of Rams QB Sam Bradford's development being stunted by the constant beating he is taking this season?

    JIM THOMAS, Post-Dispatch football writer:

    Sure there is. Being constantly harassed by pass rushers can lead to bad mechanics (see: Jay Cutler). In addition, coaches and scouts frequently say that once a quarterback lowers his eyes and starts looking for the pass rush instead of looking downfield, it's over for him as a QB.

    JEFF GORDON, columnist:

    There is enormous danger here. Bradford arrived with extreme confidence and the ability to make consistently good reads. After the physical beatings intensify, the risk of regression becomes enormous. And once quarterbacks develop the resulting bad habits, turning them around becomes very difficult. The NFL highway is littered with bright prospects who literally had the potential beaten out of them.

    With this season quickly becoming a lost cause for the Rams, the team must protect Bradford by all means necessary while it plays out the string.

    TOM TIMMERMANN, Post-Dispatch sportswriter:

    I think somewhere along the way, the greater risk is Sam Bradford's body being snapped in half. If he's standing at the end of the season, the only thing that will bother him is if the team doesn't get him some receivers to throw to, or some linemen who can keep him vertical.

    More likely to be stunted is the development of Rams fans, who after getting excited about this season have been demoralized. It will be a tough sell next season. Your optimism can only be dashed so many times.

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    Re: Round Two: How Much Of A Pounding Can Bradford Take?

    Ask Chris... er... Jim Everett

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    Re: Round Two: How Much Of A Pounding Can Bradford Take?

    This is a very serious situation the Rams have, as a fan of the Rams and knowing that the teams success is resting with Bradford's development.! The team has to take precautions regarding Sams health, even if it means scaling the offense back.! Surely the Rams will not allow Sam to take these beatings, week in, week out.?

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