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    Round two: Re-Sign Steven Jackson?

    Round Two: Re-sign Steven Jackson?

    4 hours ago By DON REED


    Now that Steven Jackson has voided the final year of his contract, what's your take on what the Rams should do? Who's going to run the ball next year if he's not here?


    Would certainly like to see the Rams re-sign Jackson for the right price. He still has a couple of productive years left in him and brings a lot to the locker room and the field in terms of leadership. But if he's not it's a tough call. The Rams invested a second-round draft pick in Isaiah Pead. They may feel it's time to get him out there. There's also Daryl Richardson and the Sandwich-Maker, Terrance Ganaway. But I still think the Rams will add a running back in the draft if Jackson signs elsewhere.


    Well, there is a draft approaching. And the gushing over last year's pickup of Daryl Richardson should suggest an alternative, right? Jackson is deservedly a popular figure in STL. But if the attribute that pushes him over the top is his ability as a pass blocker, I have no problem committing dollars elsewhere for example, to an OL adept at pass blocking.

    This offense needs playmakers. Jackson is a power back who appeared to disappear at times from his coach's game plan. This offense is going to rise and fall with Bradford. How to better pack the QB's lunch is what this draft should be all about. There are functional, even outstanding running backs found in later rounds. Just ask the Washington Redskins.


    I suspect the Rams have already decided it's time to move on and I suspect Jackson has, too. So if this is a youth movement and they're satisfied with the trio already on the roster Pead, Ganaway and Richardson then use those early picks to fortify the offensive line.


    During the handful of times Isaiah Pead ran the ball last season, he seemed to possess some north-south potential. But that was a tiny work sample. During training camp and the preseason, he struggled with the passing game side of his responsibilities. So expecting him to replace Steven Jackson seems unrealistic. Terrance Ganaway offers intriguing size, but his is a fringe until he proves otherwise. Hence his offseason job making sandwiches at a Jimmy Johns. Should Jackson exit, the Rams will need to draft a serious prospect or sign a viable veteran to compete with these guys for the job.

    STEVE OVERBEY (Freelance sports writer):

    Steven is still an integral part of the offense despite declining numbers. Eight successive 1,000 yard seasons that speaks for itself. His leadership is necessary, especially with a young team. The on-field and locker room examples he sets cannot be overlooked. Jackson has been the face of this franchise for a long time and this is no time for a change. Plus, who would replace him? Are Daryl Richardson and Isaiah Pead really ready for No. 1-back status?

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    Re: Round two: Re-Sign Steven Jackson?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Gordon
    Should Jackson exit, the Rams will need to draft a serious prospect or sign a viable veteran to compete with these guys for the job.
    I have to disagree with Jeff Gordon on one point. If Jackson leaves, I don't the think the Rams will try to fill for "the job".

    Much like typewriter repairman, the feature back is not a job needed in the current NFL.

    And much like Charlie Sheen on 2.5 Men, S-Jax is not a person that you replace. You won't find his replacement, because there's not anybody out there that's going to come in and do what he did.

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