What has been Rams' best move?

Monday, August 1, 2011


In the whirlwind of signings for the Rams, what has been the best pickup so far? What do they still need?


I have to give Rams management credit for some smart, though less flamboyant, acquisitions -- not to mention the speed in which they signed all their draft picks.

But the single most significant signing without question is guard Harvey Dahl. I have been saying all offseason that the Rams needed a brute on the interior offensive line to not only provide pass protection for QB Sam Bradford, but more importantly to put some force in the running game between the tackles. A year ago, Steven Jackson had to either tap dance or run up the backs of the guards on this team because they were being dominated in short yardage situations inside the tackles. Dahl is a nasty tough guy who will provide muscle and attitude.


Right guard Harvey Dahl of Atlanta was a huge get. He was among the top three or four guards available this year in free agency and brings attitude and toughness to St. Louis.

The last thing on the checklist is a backup running back for Steven Jackson, and the Rams are talking to a host of candidates including Ronnie Brown, Cadillac Williams, Jason Snelling, Jerious Norwood and Jerome Harrison.


I think the best FA acquisition has been G Harvey Dahl. That was a huge need, and the Rams got a tough but disciplined guy to fill that spot. If he's re-signed, Adam Goldberg then could go back to his valuable role as a general backup for any of the interior spots on the line. They still need a No. 2 running back behind Steven Jackson. Several are available, and I'd be stunned if the Rams don't land one.