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    Round Two: Where Do You Think Is The Best Place To Find WR Help This Offseason?

    Getting the Rams some WR help

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010 1:09 pm

    QUESTION: The Rams are obviously hurting at the WR position in terms of finding someone who can stretch the field and get separation. How do you think the Rams will address this need in the offseason: 1) Use a high draft pick; 2) pursue one through trade of free agency; or, 3) just hope getting their WRs healthy is enough? And, whether it be draft pick or trade, anyone in particular you’d have your eye on if you were Billy Devaney?


    We’ll see what happens. No. 1 (draft) or No. 2. (free agency/trade) seem like the most likely options. No. 3 (injured WRs returning) is an overly optimistic approach. Given the injury history of Donnie Avery and Danario Alexander, there’s no guarantee that they will be available for 16 games in 2011. Standing pat doesn’t seem wise. As for draftable wide receivers, that’s a moving target right now, because it looks like the Rams will finally play their way out of the top 10 in terms of draft position.


    Upgrading with the addition of an elite WR should be the team’s No. 1 priority for 2011. Looking at the potential free-agent list is rather futile because of the NFL labor situation. A new collective bargaining agreement could alter free-agent status in some way.

    But if there is an obvious free-agent fit the Rams should jump on it. If there’s a trade opportunity, they need to take a close look at it. A surprising number of WRs are bartered during the offseason. So this could be an option.

    The guy to draft (as it looks now, but always subject to change) is Georgia’s A.J. Greene. The kid is tall (6-4), physically strong, has terrific leaping ability and good speed. He has everything the team would want if it’s looking to find a receiver for Sam Bradford.

    A final word on this: most elite-level receivers are divas. They have huge egos. They can be difficult to manage. I don’t know if this falls outside the “Four Pillars” concept espoused by Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo, but if the Rams think they can come up with a legit No. 1 wideout who doesn’t have a massive ego– well, best of luck with that.


    The Rams ought to address wide receiver in the first round of the draft and get somebody capable of growing with Bradford over time. If Mark Clayton makes a full recovery, he should be re-signed as well as the No. 2 target. Donnie Avery will get a final chance to make a mark. Danny Amendola is a given as the slot guy. Brandon Gibson is showing enough to get an offseason of work here. Mardy Gilyard ought to get the offseason as well, which should bring him up to to full speed in this offense. Certainly Danario Alexander is an interesting option too, but his injury history forces the Rams to maximize their options at the position.


    I’d be surprised if the Rams didn’t bring in another receiver, maybe a couple of them, before the start of the 2011 season. If they can’t find what they want during free agency, then wide receiver would have to be a priority during the draft. That said, a healthy Donnie Avery, Mark Clayton (if they can re-sign him) and Danario Alexander would create a much different landscape at wideout.

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    Re: Round Two: Where Do You Think Is The Best Place For To Find WR Help This Offseaso

    The recievers in there now are effectively rookies. Who knows, they may by seasons end matured to the point where with the players coming back, there's no need for reciever in the draft. Using a No.1 on a WR is always risky in my opinion, unless a bluechip player is there for the taking when we pick. We need a LB badly and a big run blocking guard.
    Free agency would be the place to upgrade at reciever, I believe with Bradford at QB there wont be a problem attracting players.
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    Re: Round Two: Where Do You Think Is The Best Place For To Find WR Help This Offseaso

    I'll take my chances with Clayton and Avery coming back healthy.

    We need a solid back-up/future replacement for Steven Jackson.

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    Re: Round Two: Where Do You Think Is The Best Place To Find WR Help This Offseason?

    Ohh man.. OFFSEASON???? Man are we really already looking to the off season.
    There is not going to be a season next year.....

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    Re: Round Two: Where Do You Think Is The Best Place To Find WR Help This Offseason?

    I'm looking at WR, OLB, DE and RB as priorities in the draft next year. Depending on where we pick, I think you could just about justify any of these positions. My rams sleeper pick at the moment is a mid-late first round Right Guard.

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    Re: Round Two: Where Do You Think Is The Best Place To Find WR Help This Offseason?

    I think we draft one in the first round and resign Alexander and Clayton. With Amendola, Alexander, Clayton, Avery and someone like Baldwin, Floyd, Green, or Jones(obviously it depends where we draft one) our receiving corps would be fine.

    We still can get a future rb in round 2-4, a future dt and whatever other parts we need. We are solid at most of the key positions. Now we just need to add some playmakers.

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