Will McDaniels take a more hard-driving approach with Bradford?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 12:35 pm

QUESTION: How do you think Josh McDaniels’ approach with Sam Bradford might differ from Pat Shurmur’s?


Interesting question. In Denver, McDaniels was more of a hard driver with Kyle Orton. In other words, McDaniels got on him and got on him hard at times. That wasn’t the Shurmur approach with Bradford. Shurmur was patient and even keel. Maybe McDaniels’ approach will be toned down some as an offensive coordinator in St. Louis as opposed to being the head coach in Denver. We’ll see.


McDaniels and Shurmur seem to have different personalities; McDaniels might be expected to push Bradford a bit more forcefully. Of course, the first thing McDaniels needs to do is build a relationship with Bradford and gauge just what he believes his approach should be. That’s another reason why a lockout, which would delay that, could do more damage to the Rams than perhaps some other NFL teams.


He will install a new offensive scheme, one that should be well-suited to Bradford’s skills. Presumably he will integrate new offensive skill players gained through the draft and free agency. And now that Bradford has 16 games of mostly positive NFL experience, he should be ready to expand his game and attack more of the field. The combination of the three factors – new scheme, better skill, more Bradford experience – should make the offense a vastly improved unit in 2011.