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    Rumors about QB prompt denials /Wallace/Arch

    By Jim Thomas

    Sure, Marc Bulger has heard the Daunte Culpepper rumors.

    "I knew they were shopping him around," Bulger said Thursday.

    But it never occurred to him that those rumors might apply to St. Louis, where the Rams are coached by Scott Linehan, once Culpepper's offensive coordinator in Minnesota.

    "I didn't even put two and two together," Bulger said, laughing. "Maybe I should."

    Actually, Bulger doesn't need to do the math. Team sources, speaking Friday on the condition of anonymity, emphatically denied any interest in Culpepper.

    One Rams official was incredulous that the subject would even come up. Bulger, after all, is a former Pro Bowl quarterback on a team that has its share of glaring holes, particularly on defense.

    "How could anyone even think that about Marc?" said the source, referring to any Culpepper-St. Louis trade rumors.

    Culpepper is due a $6 million bonus by the Vikings on March 14. He's also coming off major knee surgery in November and isn't expected to be healthy enough to play by the start of the 2006 regular season.

    Since being named Rams coach one month ago, Linehan has had nothing but good things to say about Bulger.

    "I really think he is one of the elite players in the league," Linehan said at his hiring news conference. "What I like about him is he kind of emerged from - I don't want to say nowhere - but the guy really came in and really proved himself in a short period of time.

    "I think he's one of the best quarterbacks in the league at anticipation of letting the ball go to open areas, and throwing the ball to the guy extremely accurately. I know he is one of those kind of quiet, calm leaders. And I like that in a quarterback and a leader."

    Haslett wants Archuleta

    At the Rams' "meet the coaches" luncheon Wednesday, defensive coordinator Jim Haslett made no secret of the fact that he'd like to re-sign strong safety Adam Archuleta, who's scheduled for unrestricted free agency in two weeks.

    "I think he does a lot of good things," Haslett said. "The guy's probably one of the best blitzers I've seen in a long time. He's got great speed. He can play in the box. ... He's better than I thought playing in the back end.

    "There's some things he needs to work on. And there's a reason why Adam hasn't made it to the Pro Bowl. I think with his ability and some of the things he can do, if he works - and we know he's a hard worker - that we can get him to that type of level."

    Archuleta played through the 2004 season with a painful back injury that was later diagnosed as a herniated disc. He never clicked with defensive coordinator Larry Marmie, and like several players, wasn't always sure about the defensive scheme.

    The Rams haven't had any substantive discussions with Archuleta's agent about a new contract. But Archuleta has heard from Haslett.

    "We've talked a couple times, and I'd like to have him back," Haslett said. "But I understand how this thing works, too. So if it didn't work out, we'd have to get a good replacement."

    Wallace to *****?

    Rams executive vice president Bob Wallace continues to be in the mix for a senior level front office job with the San Francisco *****. Wallace had an unofficial meeting last month with ***** owner-vice chairman John York.

    Wallace declined to comment Friday. Bob Ferguson, most recently with Seattle, and Atlanta executive Ray Anderson also are believed to be candidates.

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    Re: Rumors about QB prompt denials /Wallace/Arch

    Thanks for the article man!

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    Re: Rumors about QB prompt denials /Wallace/Arch

    OK, if Arch is an UFA, then we need to get whoever is the best for the amount of money. It's one thing to match an offer for a RFA, but to keep your own unrestricted guy, you are basically saying that you would want to go out and get him if he were on another team and was a UFA. I guess the one advantage is that perhaps you can sign him before he gets offers from 6 other teams increasing the price. At least I hope that is the case.

    If he first shops around, then bye bye. If we have to pay a big price, then we need to look at who else we could get for the same price.


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