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    Question Running Game % at 6-1

    We are about 5 percentage points below our offensive balance percentage when it comes to running the ball compared to the Super Bowl season. This has taken more than just a psychological effect on Warner and the sacks, the WR's are dropping balls more often it seems due to the type of pass routes across the middle and know they are going to get leveled.

    When Faulk comes back, do the Rams run the ball like they have tried with Canidate, or does Faulk's receiving abilities make it so much more attractive for Martz to throw? Not sure, I think we need to run more.


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    Getting inside Martz head, you know he's gonna keep going for the air game. It's what he likes. I enjoy it myself, I just do. I know the dangers in an unbalances offensive plan, but it's more entertaining. From a coaching perspective, it really does depend on the defense you are up against. I have to bow to Martz and his other coaches in this respect, because I can't read a defense at all. But let's hope he keeps more options open from here on out.

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    Martz said he doesn't care about the %s or balance, so I think we will continue doing what we have been doing. I agree that we should run more, especially looking at our yds per carry stats. One thing that I've liked over the past couple years is that, despite the public opinion to the contrary, we could grind it out when we really wanted to.

    In 1999, we played an incredibly easy schedule, so maybe that explains the increased running % back then? This year we've run up against the defenses of New Orleans and the Giants that are tough against the run, so we only ran 16 times in each of those games.

    But against Detroit we could have run more; I think that was showtime, tho! Hopefully against Carolina we'll get a heavy dose of Faulk, Canidate, and even some good ol' Holcombe...

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    Smile Run Forrest! Run!...

    Good study question, TXRamfan.

    Yes, I'd like to see more Ram running production, even with some double-back formations for short yardage plays -- but NOT only for a "2nd and inches" or a "3rd and goal from the 1" situations.

    Ok, we have the league's best duo in the category of all-purpose, truly versatile RBs in Marshall Faulk and Trung Canidate, excellent receivers. Apart from that we also have good, hardnose, reliable backs in Watson, Holcombe and Hodgins for more traditional running plays. Besides, our OL is good and Coach Hannifan knows running plays, from old fashion [very old] to high tech!

    It's fine if Rams remain an aerial attack team. That's their forte and trademark since 99. Everyone knows by now that their potential with such arsenal is among the NFL's all-time best ..."a la Air Corryell." But it would be nice though, if we could just convince Mike Martz to do some more running to keep opponent D's guessing.

    GO RAMS!!!
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    I loved the playcalling we used against the Jets.I think that was a very balanced attack.Of course, the Jets are also very weak against the run.I love the "pass to set up the run "philosophy,and I would like to see the Rams run the ball without becoming overly conservative.No need to worry there though.I dont see Martz ever becoming conservative,but I do think we need to grind it out sometimes,especially in the 2nd half with a good lead to protect.


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