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    Salary Cap Numbers as of 4/11 wednesday

    According to Paquarelli's Insider Tip Sheet

    The list: As of Wednesday evening, there were a dozen teams in the league with more than $10 million each in available salary cap room, and that included three franchises with more than $20 million apiece in spending room. The remaining cap room, by team, from top to bottom:

    Minnesota, $25.0 million; Buffalo, $22.6 million; Cleveland, $21.8 million; Tennessee, $19.6 million; Green Bay, $15.8 million; San Francisco, $13.7 million; Jacksonville, $12.9 million; Dallas, $11.9 million; St. Louis, $11.2 million; New Orleans, $11.1 million; Philadelphia, $10.4 million; New York Jets, $10.1 million; Miami, $8.9 million; Oakland, $8.3 million; Cincinnati, $7.8 million; Carolina, $7.0 million; Seattle, $6.6 million; San Diego, $6.4 million; New England, $6.3 million; New York Giants, $5.8 million; Chicago, $5.1 million; Tampa Bay, $4.9 million; Kansas City, $4.6 million; Denver, $4.3 million; Washington, $3.9 million; Indianapolis, $3.7 million; Baltimore, $3.6 million; Detroit, $3.6 million; Atlanta, $3.1 million; Arizona, $2.8 million; Houston, $2.6 million; Pittsburgh, $1.4 million.

    my apologies if this is out of place in this forum...
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    Re: Salary Cap Numbers as of 4/11 wednesday

    Quote Originally Posted by rampete View Post
    St. Louis, $11.2 million; Carolina, $7.0 million; Kansas City, $4.6 million
    Intersting to see KC only has 4.6 mil and us and them are supposed to be the leading candidates for Jenkins. GC also mentioned in another thread that Dante Hall might be a cap casuality in KC. If that is the case I would not mind taking a good look at him as our return man. Carolina looks ok cap wise but they have some big contracts coming up.

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    Re: Salary Cap Numbers as of 4/11 wednesday

    The salary cap is weird to me. Washington goes out there and spends like the Yankees and they never seem to care about the salary cap. It seems as if the cap is irrelevant most of the time.

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    Re: Salary Cap Numbers as of 4/11 wednesday

    It's crazy to me how the winers and that other team that cheated us out of a super bowl the NE craps have good salary cap after the busy FA after they had signed all those all-stars.

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    Re: Salary Cap Numbers as of 4/11 wednesday

    Well i'm am writing a 20-pg paper on the salary cap and other aspects of the CBA for my sports law class so unfortunately I am starting to understand the salary cap far more than I would ever care--if your interested google this citation--7 Sports Law J. 375--maybe then it wouldn't be so weird (it doesn't hurt the Redskins and the Pats that their franchises are both worth over a billion dollars--they can afford to give out more signing bonus $$$)


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