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    Question salary cap question

    If the rams were to release both MarK Fields(2.5 million) and Ryan Tucker(3.3 million), will the rams gain 5.8 million in cap space or will the rams take the hit?

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    DJRamFan Guest
    they will inevitably take some kind of cap it. Depending on when they release them, the cap hit could be different. I'm not sure of dates/#s, but needless to say they would take a hit, just depends on how much.

    I would definitely be interested in seeing if those guys get cut, i'd bet fields would go before tucker....

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    Ramzilla Guest

    Fields, Tucker, & St. Clair

    I would like to see Fields voluntarily take a pay cut and stay with the team because we definitely need some depth and experience at the linebacker position. But, I don't think he will do that because they asked him to take a pay cut in New Orleans and he declined. I could care less about Tucker, in fact, I hope the rams cut him (good riddance Tuck) because I would like to see the rams give John St. Clair an opportunity to start.

    Go Rams!!!

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    Like U I'd like Fields to stay , I think he handled hinself well, both on and off the pitch, it depends what the free agent market for LB's is like whether he wants to take a cut or not. If Fletcher tries the market and goes then suddenly Fields will find himself back at starter.

    Likewise with Tucker , if Jones signs a reasonable contract and if St Clair is as good as the spin coming out of Rams Park suggests then we don't need him BUT if St Clair is all hype and Jones wants big bucks then I reckon Tucker was an AOK right Tackle



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