JavaScript must be enabled to use this chat software. Is Sam B. be evolving in a similar fashion to Matt Ryan?

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    Is Sam B. be evolving in a similar fashion to Matt Ryan?


    Matt Ryan Displays New Trust in Receivers and Himself

    LOWERY BRANCH, Ga. — There is a declaration of a quarterback’s skill that is typically uttered around Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning and Eli Manning. It is being heard now around the Atlanta Falcons’ Matt Ryan, who seems on the verge of jumping onto the same shelf as those Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks.

    “He can throw guys open,” Falcons wide receiver Roddy White said recently about Ryan, a fifth-year quarterback. Dave Archer, the Falcons’ radio analyst and former N.F.L. quarterback, said it, too, as did right tackle Tyson Clabo.

    Throwing a guy open means purposely underthrowing balls and throwing balls up the seam or down the sideline where a receiver can snatch it from a defender. The receiver is not open until the ball is in flight and he changes course or reacts first and grabs the pass.

    “He’s got a lot more trust in us, just being able to throw the ball out there and believe that we are going to be able to make plays,” White said. “He no longer will hold the ball and say, you know what, that might not be a good throw. He’s doing what Drew Brees has been doing with the Saints."

    Hopefully the games slows down enough for Sam and our young receivers enough for a similar chemistry to develop. As it stands now, Sam likely doesn't trust his receivers enough for him to attempt to "throw them open." I believe Sam has superb accuracy given a bit of time, but in order for Sam to take his game to the next level, he'll have to somehow establish real trust in his targets. It is no accident that Sammy was able to connect with Danny Amendola so frequently, as he knew Danny would be where he was supposed to be - which way Danny would break in a given situation i.e. reading the defense, and seeing the same thing. It is obvious Sam no longer has a go to guy. Even when he did, it was still only one guy.

    Clearly we need multiple targets Sam can trust. I guess the bad news is that trust is earned over time and we want it now! Anyway I thought the prospect of "throwing guys open" of interest as opposed to simply being on target. By the end of this season, we just might evolve into a team no one wants to play if Sam can establish that trust with a couple or three guys.

    The above excerpt is from and article written in October of 2012 in the New York Times.

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    Re: Is Sam B. be evolving in a similar fashion to Matt Ryan?

    Is Ray Sherman worth a damn at coaching WRs? I know nothing about him, except he's old.

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