An evaluation of Sam from Bleacher Report, so again, take it for what it's worth.

Sam Bradford (6'4", 224 lbs, four seasons) was accurate under difficult circumstances in 2013. He didn't routinely fit the ball into tight windows or lead receivers to the right spot with his ball placement, but he regularly gave his receivers a chance while under duress or throwing into crowded coverage.

Arm Strength
His deep accuracy isn't overly impressive because he appears to be forcing the ball, but on intermediate routes he can create exceptional velocity even while on the move.

Decision Making
Very cautious? Yes. Too cautious? No. When you watch Bradford on the broadcast tape, he appears to be checking the ball down too much. However, early in the season before Zac Stacy revitalized the running game, Bradford often had no viable options down the field. The Rams couldn't run the ball, so they couldn't force defenses out of their Cover 2 looks. This meant more often than not Bradford had no options down the field before the pass rush could get to him.

He's a tall presence in the pocket but not an exceptionally strong one. Bradford has taken some punishment in his short career, and it seems to have motivated him to fade away from contact at times. Outside of that, his release and footwork are generally clean, even if he can sometimes throw with an elongated motion in the pocket.

Bradford is faster than one would think considering his size, but his feet can be somewhat slow in the pocket.

It's easy to see why the Rams aren't in a rush to give up on Bradford. There is clearly talent there, and the situation in 2013 wasn't set up for success. Unfortunately, he never got to play with Stacy when he was at his best.

Overall Rank: 16