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Thread: Sam's Silver Linings - Week Twelve

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    Sam's Silver Linings - Week Twelve

    What a difference a week makes. Coming off of the embarrassing loss to the Jets, there were the usual comments about how the Rams suck, Bradford sucks, we need to trade everyone on the roster for new people, and, of course, the usual over-reaction by Bernie. My, my, how things changed in three short hours this past Sunday. The Rams made a trip to the desert, and came away with a much-needed win and the confidence to carry them into what promises to be a difficult battle with the whiners this coming Sunday.

    A couple of weeks ago, when the Rams went to San Francisco, they left a day early. Apparently, a couple of the guys thought that the extra day gave them cause to give in to temptation, which ended up with Fisher making them sit on the sidelines instead of being able to dish out punishment to the whiners. This time, even with an extra day, the players decided that they would rather follow team rules than have the mustache coming down on them for bad behavior.

    We were treated to 15 minutes and 2 seconds of hand-wringing and nail biting before Janoris Jenkins got us all on the edge of our seats. We were given a game with more flags flying than the United Nations has out in front. Do you remember Bill Cosby’s “Himself”, when he was discussing children and said “Where’s your mother?” He had a look on his face that was the same as what the officials had several times during this game. See the following photograph for proof:
    Sam's Silver Linings - Week Twelve-billcosby.jpg

    Before I continue to the “Silver Linings”, there are a few things I wish to address. I am getting more than a little tired of people who do nothing but constantly trash the Rams and/or Rams players. Oh, constructive criticism is fine, as is honest discussion of the flaws of both team and individual. However, there are those, both here at the Clan and elsewhere, which carry things too far. Obviously, Jackson is not washed up, Bradford is a good QB, and our defense is capable of destroying an opponent’s offense. True, there are times when things don’t go the way they should, and these guys make boneheaded plays. What many people don’t consider is that Jackson cannot have consistent 100 yard games without the offensive line opening up holes and blocking for him, Bradford can’t launch a perfect 80-yard bomb unless he has time to throw the ball and have an open receiver at the same time, and our defense can’t account for every adjustment and play our opponents throw our way. This goes for every player on the field – one must remember that we have a very young team, and with experience, talent develops. Yes, I have been very disappointed in the Rams many times this season; other times I felt like we were unstoppable and worthy of another Lombardi. Before you make statements like “______ sucks”, or “______ is a bust”, or something similar, step back and think. Most of these guys have less experience than the players they are being compared to. Plus (and I will probably get crap for this), if you really think you can do better, I will find a way to arrange a personal tryout for you in front of Jeff Fisher.

    Now, on with this week’s “Silver Linings”…

    1. Janoris Jenkins: Somehow, I believe that without his first “pick six”, the game would have turned out much differently than it did. Three seconds into the second quarter, he had the ball in his hands and was on his way towards the end zone. Not only did he do this once, he did something that hasn’t been done since before I was born (and never done by a Ram) – he scored twice off of picks! Let’s hope his hands have found the same ability that Bruce and Holt had – any ball coming his way sticks to his hands.

    2. Steven Jackson: Thank you, Steven, for proving that old people are still useful. Your 24 attempts for 129 yards has silenced many naysayers this week, and inspired all of us old farts to give it everything we’ve got. Now that everyone sees that you’ve still got what it takes to run over and through everyone in front of you, we want to see that every game for the rest of the year.

    Chris Givens: Five catches for 115 yards and a TD helped Bradford have a good day. He’s got the speed, he’s learning how to get open, and learning how to make a grab for the ball. Let us all hope that this week is the beginning of his “awakening”.

    4. Danny Amendola: OK, so he only had one catch. Still, the guy is Iron Man, Superman, and Batman rolled into one and merged together with Chuck Norris. I’m not sure if anyone will understand this reference, but I do believe he has been infected with the Chimera virus from the “Resistance: Fall of Man” video game.

    5. Sam Bradford: OK, I had to mull this one over several times. He didn’t have a stellar performance. He completed less than half his pass attempts. He fumbled the ball. He also completed 8 of his attempts for a total of 205 yards, ending up with a 25.625 yard per completion average. He passed for two touchdowns. He was aware enough to recover his fumble. And, most importantly, he did not allow Clemens to stay in the game. I have confidence in Sam’s talent and ability; I have zero confidence in Clemens. We all hate “dink-and-dunk” football. Sam didn’t give us that this week.

    6. Courtland Finnegan: Mr. Attitude didn’t force any fumbles, grab any interceptions, or make Lindley hit the ground, but he did put enough pressure on that ‘Zona couldn’t get their rhythm. He also registered 10 tackles and two assists. Plus, I have to admit, I believe he has had a big influence on the attitude and talent of Jenkins.

    7. Jo-Lonn Dunbar: Yeah, I am beginning to think this guy was the steal of free agency. Eight tackles and a couple of assists, plus enormous pressure against anything dressed in red shows what a value he is to our defense.

    8. Rodger Saffold: Yes, he had a holding penalty at a very bad time; he made other mistakes as well. Still, his presence out there on Sunday (along with Scott Wells, who also made mistakes) was a HUGE psychological boost for the offense. Congratulations also go out to Saffold, who missed the birth of his daughter on Saturday.

    9. Darryl Richardson: OK, with that hair he reminds me of the offspring of a “predator” and Steven Jackson. Why he is on this list is his spirit and talent, making him a worthy backup to one of the greatest running backs in the NFL.

    10. Lance Kendricks: Oh, yeah, he has made his share of bonehead plays this season. His inclusion on this list is due to his one 37 yard reception for a TD. The kid reminds me a little bit of Ricky Proehl…he doesn’t have the consistency to be counted on every time, but has the ability, and somehow is able to catch the ball right when we need him to.

    This coming Sunday, we have the honor (?) of hosting the whiners at our house. We already showed San Francisco that we are a serious team capable of beating them, even though we ended up in a tie. I have a feeling that the whiners are not going to be quite so complacent this weekend as they were the last time we met. It should be one heck of a great game – IF the Rams show up like they did in San Francisco and Phoenix.
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    Re: Sam's Silver Linings - Week Twelve

    Nicely done. I'd actually like one to the list-

    Craig Dahl!! Yes i said it, that Craig Dahl. Had an interception(usually drops them when they come his way) and stopped Patrick Peterson from returning a kickoff/punt(dont remember which) for a TD. He did miss some tackles, but this was arguably his best game of the year. Still would like to to upgrade though.
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    Re: Sam's Silver Linings - Week Twelve

    Quote Originally Posted by Tampa_Ram View Post
    stopped Patrick Peterson.
    Yeah, he made that always dangerous, but difficult, "hold by the heel until the help arrives just in time" tackle. .....Whew.
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