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    Sando's Bills-Rams Preview

    The Rams are facing a potential mutiny after benching quarterback Marc Bulger and releasing cornerback Fakhir Brown in response to their 0-3 start. Those moves seem unlikely to produce the type of emotional response needed for sustained success. This is an organization in panic mode and without effective leadership on any level.
    Think about it. The Rams handed a six-year, $65 million deal to Bulger before the 2007 season. They brought in Al Saunders as offensive coordinator this year, then benched Bulger after three games in a new system. Only an organization in turmoil makes that type of move.
    The way Rams running back Steven Jackson sees things, the Rams' switch to Trent Green at quarterback serves Saunders as much as it serves the Rams. It's fair to wonder if Saunders will suddenly open up the playbook now that his quarterback is under center. Saunders and Green enjoyed great success together in Kansas City, but they don't have Tony Gonzalez and a dominating offensive line on their side this time.
    The Rams have the look of a badly injured animal. There's always a chance desperation will compel them to rise up and fight, fight, fight. Most likely, the Bills will have to overlook the Rams for St. Louis to succeed in this game.
    I sense no emotional groundswell in response to the lineup changes. I do anticipate wide running lanes for Marshawn Lynch and more confusion in the Rams' secondary as Lee Evans works deep downfield.

    Link: ESPN - Audibles: NFC West Week 4 preview - NFC West
    He brought up some great points. There is a slim to none chance every Ram player is gonna be 100% emotoinally into this game. Seeing how the Bills had a tough time with the Raiders last week, I'm sure there won't be any overlooking on this game.
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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Sando's Bills-Rams Preview

    I think this week will be the WORST game when it comes for motivation and emotion.

    There is just too much tension. If there is alot of tension on a Rams (FAN) forum board...imagine what its like in the locker room.

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