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    Saturday Scrimage

    We got there a little before ten and the Rams were still working on some separate offensive and defensive drills. Me and my buddy kinda were just talkin through those until the actual scrimmage started (as were most of the people around us).

    I'm trying to go strictly from memory so I'll let you know some observations on select people that I watched and an overall sense of things.

    The officials showed up (actually right when we were walking into the practice facility) and had a flag for Dwight Anderson on one of his coverage plays waiting for him although he did a pretty good job in coverage today with the second unit.

    Tye Hill looked really good. His first play on the field with the #2's they through right at him. He had very tight coverage on McDonald but McDonald's last move to get the separation would have shook Deion himself and ended up being a completion. But other than that he had solid coverage on several other plays covering Dane Looker and even covering bigger TE's like Aaron Walker. One play in particular Tye was covering Aaron Walker on a fade in the endzone. Fitz through an almost perfect ball just a little long, Hill had perfect coverage, and Aaron just barely missed bringing in a tough catch. Hill hurt his shoulder on one play but returned and played great.

    Claude Wroten didn't play with the one's but looked great against the two's. He split the guard center on a bull rush on about his second or third snap and had what would of been a sack. On another play he put a beautiful spin move on the guard and got great pressure on the quarterback to get him to dump off to the back in the flat.

    Today was the Torry Holt show. During redzone drills he caught I believe three straight touchdown passes. Poor Fakhir was his victim each time I believe. It was funny because after every touchdown he would throw the ball into the crowd (much to the equipment guy's chagrin) each time the equipment guys kept trying to get the people in the crowd to throw the ball back but this ain't Wrigley. Eventually the people were brow beat into throwing the balls back to a chorus of boo's. But from what I could tell they gave the balls back to the recipient's later. It was a lot of fun.

    Bulger looked sharp, Ferotte looked C-, Fitz looked excellent, and Ragone was woeful! Ragone finally got into a little bit of a rythm during the last series but I think it was too little too late.

    Steven Jackson was ineffective. The defense had the run bottled up pretty good even on the edges with the one's. Some people were complaining about him not hitting the whole. I think he's trying to work on his patience like Marshall had (at least I hope so).

    Kevin Curtis is a stud! He had some good catches as much as Linehan is trying to implement more running and more TE's I think the bread and butter of this offense is still going to be the wideouts.

    I didn't concentrate much on the linebackers but from what some of the people were saying Spoon and Tino were beautiful. (Obvious since Jackson got nowhere). They said Spoon in particular was all over the field on tackles.

    Travis Fisher looked excellent. He had one pick off of Bulger on excellent coverage on a sideline pattern I think that was intended for Bruce. Bulger underthrew the pass but it wouldn't of mattered Travis was in perfect position to either knock it down or make the pick which he did.

    Kennedy did a good job against the run. He was immovable in the middle like he should be. He's the biggest guy on the field Glover looks kind of funny standing next to him being so much smaller.

    The #1 defense looked great. The offense couldn't move the ball on them again. The touchdowns Bulger threw were during a redzone scenario. The #2 defense came out on the field and promptly got burned by Tony Fisher on a run around the end for six. The second and third string defenses were consistently scored upon when Fitz was qb.

    Marques Hagans couldn't bring in a high and poorly thrown ball by Ragone but he still should of caught it. You could tell he was thinking about the hit (Second and Third stringers tackled, First did not). If it would of been a pass in a drill he would of brought it in. He looked okay I only remember him getting one other pass thrown his way but Ragone was so brutal he skipped the pass off the turf to him.

    Pyatt had a nice catch down the sideline on Kevin Timothee

    Hargrove looked good with the first unit in run support but I didn't see a lot of pressure from him and Little with the one's Bulger had plenty of time to throw it was just the linebackers and safeties were doing such a good job on the receivers and TE's. But Little and Hargrove were also going up against Pace and Barron so I think that leans more towards how good those two were in pass protection.

    Joe Klopfenstein looked okay he had a good grab up the middle I can see that happening a lot. I don't think a linebacker can cover him one on one. Byrd got a little playing time with the two's and three's but I don't think he was even thrown to and I didn't pay attention to his blocking.

    Atogwe made a good play on an end around with just him and Curtis one on one. I was impressed that he was smart enough to sniff out the end around when the rest of the defense wasn't even there yet. And to make the tackle on stop on Curtis as well while the rest of the D arrived was also well done.

    Moe Williams scored a TD on a goal line play.

    I only saw Denzel's kid get one carry.

    Fred Russell got quite a few carries but didn't show much.

    One other thing I forgot to mention about the number one defense was the they were swarming to the ball again. Especially on run plays there were usually 8-9 hats on the ball on every stop. It was like watching little league hockey.

    Sorry I'm all over the place with my recollections I'm just trying to type them down as I remember them. If I can remember anything else I'll try to post them later. Peace and Chicken Grease

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    Re: Saturday Scrimage

    Wow our defence sounds like its doing awsome thanks for the info!
    Built RAM tough

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    Re: Saturday Scrimage

    i like the sound of the defense swarming to the football. The Rams defense was only successful in 2003 because they swarmed to the ball, and they havent shown that in the last few years

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    Re: Saturday Scrimage

    Our defense might be good. If so look to make a deep run into the playoffs because we know our offense is going to score!

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    Re: Saturday Scrimage

    ER... "peace and chicken grease? What gives Merclass?



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