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    Re: Saunders is done deal

    Quote Originally Posted by txramsfan View Post
    Well, ok....he sees he needs help and he went out and got it. There is just one little problem that I see.....what's he going to do? Motivate? Not his style. Dictate? He already said he's released the offense to Saunders and the D to Haslett. Get the players back on his side? Well, signing Saunders sure helped.

    I just don't know what his role will be now.
    All the chairs are filled in the orchestra but they still need a conductor. Linehan has plenty to do as HC of an NFL team. The fact that he is so open about his short-comings and his willingness to change, gives me hope that he will become a good NFL coach. Only time will tell.

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    Re: Saunders is done deal

    Quote Originally Posted by General Counsel View Post
    Jorge, of course his job is to improve the offensive line play. My point is that without healthy guys that we have/better overall talent, I don't see how any coach is going to improve the offensive line play enough to make a difference in any material way in the wins column. We just didn't have the talent on the oline this year with all the injuries.

    Ramming speed to all

    General Counsel

    Mi amigo Stephen ... I understand, honestly. Your concern is naturally legit. After what we went through last season it is logical to wonder just what kind of magic pill Al Saunders is going to give the players of the Rams offense to practically turn things around a full 180. For the fans, that, in and of itself, is a 'hard pill' to swallow!

    I'm just being optimistic, overly optimistic perhaps, about Saunders doing his job, making a serious difference right away -- starting with the OL both in terms of talent and, hopefully, keeping the big guys in the trenches healthy. At least considerably moreso compared to '07.

    ...And taking it from there which could go / should go a long way in winning more games. Obviously, that is the objective and I believe there is a good plan with Al Saunders' name on it.
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