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    Tony Soprano Guest

    This says it all about the RAMS DEFENSE

    This is what the RAMS have been missing for years now.

    The Carolina Panthers signed an UNDRAFTED rookie from Iowa State - he was on their practice squad his first year. THis year, his second, Jordan Carstens won a starting job at DEF Tackle in week 2. The UNDRAFTED rookie DT, making the league minimum, has 34 tackles and 3 sacks since he broke into the starting lineup.

    He has been stout against the run according to his coaches and is getting better. Last week, against Atlanta, he had 6 tackles (5 solo) and repeatedly forced Atlanta's running backs outside with his quick inside penetration.

    We have THREE number 1's, an early rounder in Hargrove, and All-pro Leonard Litte. It seems the Rams want to live and die with this guys for their entire career. Damione Lewis (over 300lbs) got blocked one on one by Clinton Portis last week multiple times.
    Hargrove dissappears for entire games.

    We need to make a break and bring in some players and give no consideration to the draft position of our DL. If a undrafted player from Motezuma outplays a guy in camp - he should get the position. We are trapped with some of the guys not improving and simply treading water for entire careers.

    I think a culture has developed on the RAMS D and it's like a seniority system out there. Many of these guys have never been accountable for their play (or lack of it).

    Run stuffing DEF Lineman are not hard to find and they can be had late in the draft. They would be an upgrade to our current system.


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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: This says it all about the RAMS DEFENSE

    Wow. Nice type up. I agree though alot of players that we sign undrafted outplay alot of players on our Dline but due to them being DRAFTED why would we give the Undrafted players a chance? I mean I definetly would let a guy play if he outplays a #1 pick. I want to see the coaching staff sign Jeremy Calahan from the Practice Squad. Give him a chance outside of Hargrove. Or even so I believe that Brandon Green and Tyoka Jackson have outplayed Anthony Hargrove. Heck I think Green and Jackson have outplayed little but when Green and Jackson are in at diffrent times for Hargrove little plays more because the Coachs for the opponets know that Green and Jackson are a much bigger threat than Hargrove is. Little gets the best Oline man ever day on that line and Hargrove probrably gets the worse. And Tony Soprano you said that Damione Lewis got 1 on 1 with Portis last week a few times? As far as I'm concerned Damione Lewis didn't do squat I mean he is 300lbs and poris is pry about 210lbs and Lewis couldn't do anything? That is absolutely unexcusable. Or we can also blame the coachs. Are our Dline coachs doing anything to help it? I mean they have Little lineup in a wierd way. He is almost pointing straight at our lineman 5yds away from them. Look at Freeney and Kearse and Strahan. They are all linedup normally, Little is lined up wierder than I have ever seen. So I guess you can ptu it on the players but you can also put it on the Coaching Staff. Or maybe they don't give it 100%. Who knows?

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    RamJackson39 Guest

    Re: This says it all about the RAMS DEFENSE

    There's a LB that plays for Miami named Derrick Pope. He's a solid tackler, pass rusher, and is good in coverage. Miami's LB corps is really good though, and Pope is still young, so he hasn't gotten too many chances. He's made the most of the times he's had though, with solid play. I would like to see the Rams try to sign him away from Miami. He would be a solid backup and could one day be a starter here. He would provde good depth to a weak LB corps.

    You can never tell who's going to be good though. Out of camp we all heard that Little, Hargrove, Pickett, and Kennedy were looking really good. Although Kennedy and Pickett did play really well, Hargrove has found himself in overpursuit and Little has had far too much on his mind lately.

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Re: This says it all about the RAMS DEFENSE

    Kennedy has been benched by the guys that review the films on Monday.

    We seem to depend heavily on Archutletta in our Run Defense. That's not a good overall sign when your safety get a lot of tackles.

    As far as Portis left alone to block Lewis on a few plays.. Gibbs and company wouldn't have schemed that against
    a Good DT. A good DT would've blown up that play big-time.

    This team is in need a BIG shakeup (including the coaching staff and Front office).


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