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    Schottenheimer to Jags?

    Brian Schottenheimer to interview with the Jags next week.

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    Schottenheimer to Jags?

    Hope he stays, for continuity if nothing else.
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    Re: Schottenheimer to Jags?

    Like most coaches he no doubt aspires to be a head coach in the league one day. It will probably behoove him to go through the procedure even if he may not want the job. I believe Brian has never been a HC in the NFL - correct me if I'm wrong. The Jags are not exactly brimming with talent, and as other posters have pointed out: what has Brian done that separates himself from other candidates? In that context, it is hard to imagine an owner giving him autonomous powers as a rookie coach.

    The old saying: "Kicking the tires" goes both ways. Nothing wrong with Brian checking out his options, but IMO the chances of him continuing to add sparkle to his resume are far greater in his current job, than the "opportunity" in Florida. Working another year or two under Fisher could prove invaluable. Also, Fisher lets his coaches coach without undue interference.

    When it comes to personnel - suffice it to say there is no Sam Bradford on the horizon in Jacksonville, and how many players on either side of the ball come to mind as cornerstone players? The Jags may own the #2 overall pick, but there wont' be a choice of Andrew Luck or RGIII at the top this year. My "guess" is that he stays with the Rams for another year or two.

    If Brian stays, and the Rams' offense along with Sam improve dramatically in 2013, Schotty's stock will certainly rise significantly. I like our chances of dramatic improvement next year a lot more than that of the Jags ..

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