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    A Scouting Report On McDanies By Rick Venturi

    Nice Read from DC Rick Venturi who had to plan for McD's gameplan....

    Until this week, the biggest transaction of the Rams in the off season was the hiring of offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels. He comes fresh off a contemptuous and not so successful stint as head coach of the Denver Broncos. I'll give him a mulligan on that one, since he took over a team in decline with an awful defense. To his credit, he fought the good fight and his offenses were outstanding, including last year's 13th-ranked finish. Remember, my former boss and McDaniels' mentor, Bill Belichick, had one winning season in his first five. What is undeniable was how successful he was as offensive coordinator of the Patriots. Though the Tom Brady factor can't be underestimated, Kyle Orton flourished under McDaniels' tutelage in Denver. Also if you factor in the Patriots' 11-5 season record in 2008, without Brady, there is every reason to believe that the terrific young Sam Bradford will benefit from his approach.

    I've had to get ready for a McDaniels coached offense on more than one occasion, and I've always believed there were six key principles that made them tough to defend. In setting up your game plan to stop him, your defensive team had to be totally in concert with how he would attack you. I am going to discuss these six big principles as a defensive coordinator would look at it. I hope you will be able to keep these principles in mind as you watch the development of Bradford and the offense in camp and during the regular season.

    1. The Rams will run and pass from "wrong" formation and groupings. They will be careful to break the expected norm in running and passing. You will see passing from heavy sets (where you expect runs), and then turn around and run loose play runs from multiple receiver and open formations (where you expect pass). I call it a "wrong" approach, because they create the illusion of one mindset, and then completely work opposite. If you play base defense against base sets, they will exploit passing to mismatch linebackers, and if you always match defensive backs against multiple receivers, you will loose-play runs against poorer tackling units.

    2. Be alert for situational play passes on early downs, with the intent of getting over the top of the defense. His Denver teams were able to get an extra ordinary amount of explosive plays, despite lacking speed. This can be deadly. Though the majority of play-action comes on first down in the open field, we have always respected the heavy play fake with a seam route to the slot, in the red zone. We respected the play so much that the concept became the "Patriot" pass in our playbook.

    3. They will take advantage of various personnel groupings and specific players to create mismatches on the defense. Look for a wild card like tight end Lance Kendricks and the utility back to be named later for mismatches on linebackers and safeties. Kevin Faulk of the Patriots was the poster boy for the utilization of a specialized back, particularly in third-down situations.

    4. Keep a close eye on the development of Bradford, and the flexibility to audible within the game plan. Brady became a surgeon under this system, and basically had the green light to change the play in almost any situation. The flexibility to audible allows you to take advantage of a defensive weakness, and get either a big play, or stay away from a bad one.

    5. When the games start, be in tune with what I have always referred to as a "game specific" approach to each opponent. By this I mean look for an approach one week, with a totally different look than the week before. This approach is based on working for a majority of the game against what they think is the weakest part of you personnel and system of the opponent. Though most teams do this to a degree, this approach is taken to an extreme by this family. The Belichick/McDaniels approach, which McDaniels learned from Charlie Weis, is not tied to a fixed system, but to a series of principles that are flexible, and changes weekly. They will attack you specifically, with no regard for what they had done against someone else the week before. They literally "scratch where it itches."

    6. Probably the single-biggest signature mark of the McDaniels offense is the use of quick tempo and an explosive approach to the first series of the game. At New England, the Patriots actually set a record for first-series scores. Most teams employ a probing early game "script," while McDaniels will incorporate new concepts per week, with quick strike plays included. Along with the variance, the tempo of the first series of the game is fast. Defenses must be ready for that assault, or they'll be behind quickly.

    Obviously there will be a Rams version of the "family" offense, but I guarantee that you will clearly be able distinguish the "big six" principles during the season. What you'll want to look for is the Rams personnel evolution within in the system. What will also be interesting to monitor will be the growth of Bradford, both as a quarterback and as a field general. Hopefully, this piece will give you a clear prism from which to enjoy this training camp and the 2011 season

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    Re: A Scouting Report On McDanies By Rick Venturi

    Great read, thanks for posting up. Really looking forward to seeing what the McD O can put up this year - it's where we fell a little short last time out so if a big step up can be made, there's a chance we'll perform even better than expected.

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    Re: A Scouting Report On McDanies By Rick Venturi

    thanks for posting great read

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    Re: A Scouting Report On McDanies By Rick Venturi

    We're ready to make huge strides on the offensive side of the ball.

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