St. Louis Rams
Jay Zygmunt: President, FB operations
Charlie Armey: General manager
Mike Martz: Head coach
Lawrence McCutcheon: Director/Player personnel

This is a talented front office with a lot of experience, but it's also a front office that seems to have some odd quirks. Jay Zygmunt runs the show under owner John Shaw. Although he watches some film on players, he is not really a football junkie and more of a big-picture guy. He has an excellent feel for what is going on around the league, the salary cap and what other teams are doing.

Charley Armey runs the scouting department and has a very organized system and a solid checks-and-balances approach. He has a great assistant in Debbie Pollom to see that things run smoothly.

Lawrence McCutcheon is a veteran scout with loads of experience. He's the road guy while Armey is more of the office guy, but they complement each other well.

The Rams also have an experienced veteran scouting staff led by Dave Razzano, Tom Marino and Dickie Daniels, and there is no shortage of quality opinions on draft day. As strong as they are in college scouting, they are very unusual in their pro personnel side of the department.

They rely on outside services, and their assistant coaches and head coach Mike Martz get more involved in free agency, in pro acquisitions, than they probably do with the draft.

They will rely on assistant coaches Larry Marmie and Bill Kollar. Armey and Zygmunt will be involved in free-agency moves, but their scouts will have little to do with the pro side of the scouting department. This set-up is a little stronger from the outside looking in.

The Rams seem to be top heavy in experience on the college side but pro scouting seems to be undermanned. The relationship between Armey, Zygmunt and Martz is always open to speculation but yet it seems to work and Armey knows how to make decisions on both sides of the isle.