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    PandaRam Guest

    Seahawks Poem

    I know we beat the Seahawks last week, and everyone is looking foward to the Falcons game. But I thought you all would like this poem dedicated to our NFC West Rivals.

    Why The Caged 'Hawks Scream

    I know why the caged hawks scream,
    They are such a pitiful football team.
    Let's take a journey back in time,
    When they saw the great Rams shine.
    Back on October 10 in the first meeting,
    They thought they were giving us a beating,
    But in the forth quarter they would find,
    On themselves the second greatest comback of all NFL time.
    Up by 17 in the forth,
    Seattle fans were cheering crazy up there in the north.
    Little did the 'hawks know,
    There was still time left to go.
    They felt relaxed, like a vacation by a laguna,
    But not when Bulger found Brandon Manumaleuna.
    Just like paying an income tax,
    They were stunned by that superb catch.
    Up into the air he flew,
    His hands stuck to that ball like Elmers Glue.
    When they thought they had the game won,
    This was only the first of things to come.
    Next on the ensuing drive bout,
    The 'hawks went three and out.
    They started to play like a runt,
    After Shaun McDonald returned the ensuing 39 yard punt.
    Bad visions upon 'hawks players' beckons,
    Because the of the next play that took all of seven seconds.
    Rams fans began to feel nourished,
    After the 41 yard TD pass to Kevin Curtis.
    That play made the score 27-24,
    That wasn't all, the Rams had more.
    Matt Hasselbeck looked for recievers left, right, and middle,
    But he was hit by Leonard Little.
    On to the ground he tumbled,
    Then the ball was soon fumbled.
    Their 17 point lead would not be kept,
    Rams possessed the ball with 1:14 left.
    Although a Rams comeback seemed strange,
    The rams marched in to field goal range.
    After you read this next rhyme,
    You'll find that Kicker Jeff Wilkins sent it into overtime.
    Now we knew all was not lost,
    We even won the coin toss.
    Bulger would shine once again,
    with a 52 yard pass to McDonald for the win.
    The Rams completed their attack,
    With their outstanding 4th quarter comeback.
    Because of the horrible loss on their back,
    Grand Wistrom said they played like crap.
    In the second meeting we won,
    This poem is near done.
    Two losses to the Rams to the 'hawks feels extreme,
    And we Rams fans know why the caged 'hawks scream.
    With only one game left to play,
    There is only one thing left to say,
    The Rams are going to beat the Hawks,
    And everyone from Seattle can suck our ****s!
    :ramlogo: GO RAMS GO!!! :ramlogo:

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    coy bacon Guest

    Re: Seahawks Poem

    edit the last line. It is vulgar and detracts from your work.


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