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    Seahawks v. Rams - Part II

    Greetings again Rams fans...tough loss to the Pats today, but I wouldn't be too concerned - you get a Seahawk team that looks softer than Charmin toiletpaper on defense in a Wistrom and more than likely no Ken Lucas (big loss...he had 2 picks in the first meeting).

    Offensively since we lost to you...we sputtered to an embarrasing loss in Arizona, but now seem to be finding our niche again - or simply put..#37 is getting the ball much more than he was earlier in the year, just wish he'd slow down so we can afford to keep him!

    This should be a real hard fought game on Sunday...and if I wasn't worried enough about playing you during a semi-slump, now we get to play a pissed off Rams team that will be very focused and hungry for a stranglehold on the division tiebreakers.

    Good luck this weekend - I'll be floating around here reading your thoughts on this game... :king:

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    RamTime Guest

    Re: Seahawks v. Rams - Part II

    These Hawk fans that come in here must be from They know how to act over there, they are a good bunch of NFL fans. Wrong team yes but good fans anyways.
    Good luck to you to Hasselbeck8MVP.

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    akseahawkfan Guest

    Re: Seahawks v. Rams - Part II

    Greetings and salutations to ClanRam.

    Lot of water has passed under the bridge since Volume I of Rams/Seahawks '04. That final 8 minutes of the game in Seattle nearly sucked the life out of the team and fans alike. I can only hope that four games later, the Seahawks have finally managed to bury those 8 minutes in the darkest recesses of their minds where it truly belongs. Lot of water has gone under the bridge for the Rams as well. Culminating this week with Martz calling out the team in almost a Callahan-esque manner. The once almost invincible home dome advantage has been shattered.

    I think both teams have a lot riding on this game. I don't think a loss will automatically signal the end for either team, but it will sure give the winner a leg up on the division race, and could be a harbinger of things to come through the second half of the season.

    Will the Seahawks continue to lean on Alexander as they have in the last two wins? Will the Rams players respond to Martz calling them out and performing up to his expectations? Will the Seahawks Defense have enough to stop the Rams defense without perhaps Wistrom and Lucas? Will the Seahawks be able to win the time of possession and field position battle by running the ball? Will the Seahawks be able to play a complete 60 minutes, like they did for the first 52 in the first meeting? Will the Rams be able to play 60 minutes like they did for the last 8 in the first meeting?

    As you can see, I have many more questions than answers. I think this a game that we will be talking about at the end of the season though, regardless what the outcome is.

    Enjoy the game.

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    akseahawkfan Guest

    Re: Seahawks v. Rams - Part II

    Quote Originally Posted by RamTime
    These Hawk fans that come in here must be from
    RamTime, stop by and say hello. People have been asking about you

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    Re: Seahawks v. Rams - Part II

    Yeah, what is it with these Seahawk fans? Polite, knowledgable, reasonable... nothing really to hate. Almost makes me miss the days when the Whiners were our chief rival.


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