After another dreadful weekend, possibly the most dreadful but we can debate the magnitude of it later, some inhabitants of Rams Nation will have seen their 'To do' list get a little longer.

A problem once thought solved with the departure of Scott Linehan looms large once more and it concerns the anointment of the 'Scapegoat'. Glib smugness has been replaced by worried consternation as the realisation dawns that cosmetic short-term firings can't possibly address the fundamental failings of the Ram football team. Namely the players.

Not any player specifically but each and every player on the football team, with a few youthful exceptions, has to be seen as responsible and accountable for their approach to their profession. To blame one player or one coach has been demonstrated to be an exercise in denial, it cannot be maintained that change in any one single area will act as the catalyst to future success.

Frankly, as one esteemed poster on this board has made clear, the players we have as of now just aren't good enough or they're not trying hard enough and in both cases change is needed.

Losing games is one thing but the manner in which they are lost is something else.

And this weekend was something else.

So lets stop advocating the firing of X,Y and/or Z and instead consider the possibility that the team was never as talented as we felt it was and has proven to be half as interested as we hoped it was.

Change has to be wholesale.