Tuesday, January 3, 2006

- Before we get to the awards for this season, there are a couple of quick housecleaning items to take care of.

- First, we will delve into the coaching search plenty in the coming weeks in this space. For today, though, check out my mailbag later on for my initial take on who could be getting interviews and who might be on the short list.

- In Sunday night's game there weere a couple of stat corrections as it pertains to the sacks the Rams had. In the second quarter, with 13:09 to go, the sack was originally credited to a split between Leonard Little and Oshiomogho Atogwe. That sack is now a full sack for Little. In the fourth quarter, with 13:39 to go, the sack should be split between Little and Pisa Tinoisamoa. So, the final sack totals for those three after the game are as follows: Little (2.5), Tinoisamoa (0.5) and Atogwe (0).

On to the awards...keep in mind, these awards are voted on by a highly secretive panel consisting of one person.I'll let you figure out who.

Rams Awards

Team MVP: WR Torry Holt - Holt won the team's award for having yet another big season in a long line of big seasons. He is the most consistent, productive receiver in the league. He went over 1,300 yards for the sixth consecutive year, something that had never been done in NFL history. He also went over 100 catches and had nine touchdowns. All of that with a bad knee that caused him to miss two games, a game of musical quarterbacks and constant double coverage. Oh by the way, Holt did it as he always does, with class and a smile on his face.

Honorable Mention: Kicker Jeff Wilkins

Defensive Player of the Year: DT Ryan Pickett - There were obviously many holes on the defense this year, but Pickett usually had his hole plugged up. He was among the league leaders at his position at tackle and came with the effort and intensity every week.

Honorable Mention: LB Pisa Tinoisamoa

Most Costly Injury: QB Marc Bulger - I said in training camp that Bulger and Orlando Pace are the two most irreplacable pieces of this offense and this team. Since Pace was able to play out the season and Bulger missed a good chunk of the year, he is the obvious choice. There were plenty of injuries to this team this year, but not more important than Bulger's. He was on pace for some huge numbers when he was hurt against Arizona and I still want to know what would have happened in the game against the Colts had he not been hurt.

Rookie of the Year: RT Alex Barron - Many rookies got opportunities to play and perform this season, but none had the impact of Barron. The rookie tackle had some amazing performances, including holding his own against the Giants' Michael Strahan. The future for Barron is extremely bright.

Moment of the Year: In a year of many forgettable moments, there were some enjoyable bright spots, none moreso than rookie quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick leading the Rams to an unlikely comeback victory against Houston in November.

Best Quote: With apologies to Holt, Trev Faulk, Tyoka Jackson, Steven Jackson and Mike Furrey, there is only one choice here. Interim coach Joe Vitt consistently came with the non-sugarcoated truth, sarcasm and wit. For the one person with the team that has to talk to the media every day, Vitt always had something pithy.

We'll be back later this week with league-wide awards. Feel free to shoot me an email with your votes for these awards and I'll post the results in my mailbag next week.