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    Seattle remembers Holt's assessment

    By Bill Coats

    Losing three times to the Rams last season was bad enough. But then the Seattle Seahawks had to listen to Torry Holt question their mental toughness on national television.

    Questioned by reporters in Seattle about Holt's remarks during an appearance as an ESPN draft analyst in April, Seahawks defensive end Grant Wistrom said: "Are you asking me if I think they're mentally tougher than we are? No. ... If you put a microphone in front of him, Torry is going to say a lot of things. That's just the type of guy he is."

    The Seahawks (2-2) will take on the Rams (2-2) at noon Sunday at the Edward Jones Dome, with first place in the NFC West on the line. The Rams will be looking to extend their winning streak vs. Seattle to five games, while, Wistrom stressed, the Seahawks will be seeking to prove that they're more tough-minded than Holt implied.

    "We take those things personal," said Wistrom, a former teammate of Holt with the Rams. "I'd be very disappointed in our team if we didn't come out and try to answer some of criticisms or suggestions that he had about us."

    Holt, the Rams' leading receiver, said he wasn't trying to provide bulletin board material for the Seahawks. But he didn't back away from his premise, either.

    "We were able to beat that football team three times in one year. It doesn't matter if it was Seattle or whoever it is, you would think as a football team you've got an edge over that bunch," he explained. "And I was basically making a statement (about) the '04 season. This is a totally different team. I'm sure they'll come ready to play."

    Seahawks can score

    A week after facing the NFL's highest-scoring team, the Rams are up against the No. 2 overall offense. Seattle is averaging 387.8 yards a game, and running back Shaun Alexander leads the league in rushing.

    "He's a slasher, he can make you miss, he hits it up inside, plays with great vision and can take it all the way," said assistant head coach Joe Vitt, who is running practice in Mike Martz's absence. And though the Seahawks probably will be without their top two receivers, Darrell Jackson (knee) and Bobby Engram (ribs), Vitt said he didn't expect a shift in their approach on offense.

    "Knowing (head coach) Mike Holmgren over the years, they're going to run their offense," Vitt said. "It's a great system, it's been a successful system, and that's what we're planning on."

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    Re: Seattle remembers Holt's assessment

    Hey all Rams fans. Great board (but I think you could use a tad more blue and green for my taste)

    We as Seahawk fans never really were that aware of those remarks, the sting of the loss was more powerful...

    I think this year, we will keep distancing ourselves from the mediocre pack of NFC West teams. Yes, I think king of the mediocres will be our eventual title... And we will win the division again....

    Holt's assessment will be used against him after we win on Sunday. :smoke:

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    Re: Seattle remembers Holt's assessment

    I don't get what all the uproar is about Holt's statement.

    Anyone who watches football regularly knows that it's pretty hard to beat a division rival twice in one season....unless one of the teams sucks, they usually split. Beating the same team three times is even more difficult. So I think Holt was right on the mark with his statement. The Rams had something on the Hawks last year, be it mental or whatever.

    Anyone who knows Holt knows he's a class act and doesn't talk trash. He even went out of his way to say that that was last year and this is a new season. The fact that the Hawks need to latch onto this mere statement of fact is proof that we do have a mental edge and they need to create some contraversy where none exists to motivate themselves.
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    Re: Seattle remembers Holt's assessment

    Quote Originally Posted by SeahawksCitrus
    Holt's assessment will be used against him after we win on Sunday. :smoke:
    First off, Welcome SeahawksCitrus.

    Now, I too fail to see where much traction can be made from Holt's statement. If Isaac Bruce putting his helmet on the Seahawks turf and pointing to it couldn't motivate Seattle, I don't see how this will.

    The Rams on the other hand will be motivated to get an emotional win for their ailing, embattled coach. I think it's pretty clear which team will be more fired up and mentally confident.

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    Re: Seattle remembers Holt's assessment

    Personally I sadly agree with Holt's statements... you can tell the Seahawks were beaten before they stepped onto the field after the first meeting...

    They just lost all the wind in their sails, especially because all offseason the team they wanted to beat more than any other on the schedule was the Rams. To let a 17 point lead at home, where the team had not lost a game since 2002, slip away - simply hurts.

    It's a different group of guys this year though, but I am worried to see the teams mindset if the Rams beat the Hawks yet again.


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