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    Re: Seattle's 12th man a traitor.

    I think its funny that fans still would trade the certainty of winning games over the complete gamble of the draft. When topics like this come up i always find myself asking where was ed reed drafted? ray lewis? Jerry Rice? good players dont just come out the top of the draft and hell, it almost seems like higher first round picks bust at a higher rate (although the ones that are good are often very good).

    Give me the playoffs and a pick anywhere in the first round and i'm happy 100% of the time. Even if we got crushed out in the wild card. At least then we know where we stand and where we need to get to if we want to make a serious push. Who knows maybe were not as far away as we think.

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    Re: Seattle's 12th man a traitor.

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueTalon View Post
    Not a lot of people go to the Seattle Times website for their Seahawks fix
    That's kind of what I figured.

    In fact, my first reaction to this article was, "I'm sure the fans who contribute at the Seattle Times website are just as representative of the Seahawks fanbase as the fans who contribute at the St. Louis Post Dispatch website."

    Which is to say, not entirely a good representation.

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