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    Re: Seven-Time Pro Bowl wide receiver and Super Bowl winner joins NFL Network as anal

    Quote Originally Posted by sosa39rams View Post
    You obviously haven't heard the cockiest person in the world (Prime) speak about the Rams...

    Steve Mariucci: "You gotta give it up to those St. Louis Rams, 1-15 last year and now fighting for the playoffs...good job Spags."

    Another analyst on the show during sunday pre game asked "Who will win today, San Francisco ***** or St. Louis Rams...

    Primes answer: "Who cares?"

    This guy is bashing our Rams and the NFC West. Also when they did the Top 100 players, he was voted at 34. He absolutely flipped, and when he found out that Mariucci got to vote, he slapped him on the set.

    Well here it is..Mr. Cocky himself : NFL Videos: Sanders appalled by spot in 'Top 100'

    And here is him slapping Steve Mariucci : NFL Videos: Prime gets revenge
    when I saw those videos while watching NFLNetwork... I was laughing, I thought it was good humor, when he says "Look son Daddy's number 34." I literally cracked up! but I'm sorry that just some people don't have a funny bone.

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    Re: Seven-Time Pro Bowl wide receiver and Super Bowl winner joins NFL Network as anal

    Don't get me wrong, I thought it was hilarious as well. I was just trying to show how arrogant and cocky Primetime is. As Rod Woodson said "I'm just happy to be on the list"...and he was at 41 while Prime was at 34 and he was "appalled".

    I am kind of mixed on Sanders. Hes funny, and I do like him, but at the same time I don't appreciate the comments he has about the Rams. I mean, on national T.V he said who cares who wins the west? Like really, they should have marched SJ39 right down there and he should have gave him a shot too the face...Obviously pros dont listen to media or anything, but damn I would take that to offence. Yes Prime, you may not care, but there is fans out here like all of us that do. Mind co-operating with the rest of the crew?

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