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Thread: Shanahan?

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    Re: Shanahan?

    I voted yes, but I don't think it is likely to happen. From what I've read, he is probably one of the highest paid coaches in the league, if not the highest--and that is without lifting a finger next year. I've seen estimates that he's making anywhere from $5 to 7 million/year. To put that in context, Dungy and Belichick are both said to be earning around $5 million/year. Putting aside allegations of stinginess on the part of the Rams, what are the odds that we'd give the highest paid coach in the league a raise right after he got fired for failing to make the playoffs?

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    Re: Shanahan?

    I voted for bad fit. Mike Shanahan is a good coach. He is a bad personnel guy. He also will want total control.

    He did draft Maurice Clarett and made numerous other bonehead moves in the personnel area.

    I do not think he is a great coach because he did have John Elway and it is easy to win with John Elway. He has 1 playoff win in the 10 years since the SB years. He is 500 over the past 3 season includuing a monumental tank this year. I have heard all the apologist about injured running backs on IR (7). But a great coach does not lose to Buffalo at home the second to last game of the season. The Broncos snatched defeat from the jaws of of victory there.

    Shany is not our guy

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    Re: Shanahan?

    There are pros and cons with Shanahan, as with any candidate. The one thing that makes me give Shanahan 2 thumbs up, is that he brings credibility with him. I think the guys in the locker room will buy what he is selling. I think they'll believe they can win under him. I believe that's true of Schotzy and Cowher as well. I'm not so sure that follows with a newbie HC, or even Haslett.

    I know the guys seem to want Haslett back, but they haven't played well under Haslett. Haslett was 2-10, losing ten in a row, and only 3 of those games could be even considered competitive. I worry that early losses (even in preseason) would lead us down the same path we traveled this season. I want a coach that knows how to lead.
    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!

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    Re: Shanahan?

    I think its not a Ram choice in the matter, its Shanahan's.

    He's likely not going to Detriot. Way too much work on both sides of the ball to make M. Shanahan want that job.

    The Rams have as its strongest leg its defense interms of personal already in place (though you wouldn't think seeing how they play). Get a better Corner or SS, and a Kill or be killed leader on that defense and you have a solid defense. It will take a major effort to correct the Rams O-line then pickup more skill players

    Shanahan is likely to find a home coaching the New york Jets. They got all the pieces inplace on both sides of the ball. With better leadership, its a one year turn around to get that team to be contenders. The Rams, unless someone can creat some serious magic, its 3 years. Where as its a 4-5 year process and I don't think Shanahan wants that kinda head ache

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    Re: Shanahan?

    I think either Shanahan or Schottenheimer would be great fits here because they can coach crap teams into the playoffs. They both know how to build teams from the ground up and fast. Obviously Schottenheimer can't win a playoff game to save his life, but he can sure build a team maybe we could hire him for a player personnel job and Shanahan as the head coach; that would the best possible situation for us in my opinion. Marty knows how to get good and cheap offensive and defensive linemen and he has shown us that with every team he has ever coached and that's what we need right away. Mike, same thing so with either one of those two guys our lines will increase in talent dramatically. They both run the ball a lot and if Steven Jackson can stay healthy and get a line that can block we'll be set.

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    Falconator Guest

    Re: Shanahan?

    I don't think that Mike Shanahan will be Rams HC for a few reasons:

    1) too much money
    2) he would want much more power than Devaney/ownership would want to give him
    3) his schemes/emphasis don't match Devaney's
    4) Shanahan would definitely want Matthew Stafford and would hijack the draft

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    SFCRamFan Guest

    Re: Shanahan?

    Quote Originally Posted by bigredman View Post
    The thought of that rat face walking up and down our sidelines makes me ill.
    I'm with you on this one. He has done squat without Elway...

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    tonyray05 Guest

    Re: Shanahan?

    I don't think that Shanny is a good fit for the Rams. I would love to see Haslet, with Martz as OC and Capers as the DC.

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    Re: Shanahan?

    Martz and Haslett loathe each other.....

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    Re: Shanahan?

    Quote Originally Posted by SFCRamFan View Post
    I'm with you on this one. He has done squat without Elway...
    Well as someone who lives in Denver I can tell you that Elway made Mike S. Without him he would have been fired after three years or so. Time to hire FASSEL. Elway had his best 2 years (stats wise) under fassel. Give Fassel some real weapons to use and we'll be dangerous. Also, Fassel has chosen great coaches to surround himself with....Fassel in '09!!!!!

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