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    Sharpe: "Either marry the guy or let someone else marry him."

    Leave it to Sharpe to provide such vibrant commentary on the Pace situation.

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    Re: Sharpe: "Either marry the guy or let someone else marry him."

    But I have never, ever heard of a happy, succesful lasting marriage where one side says these are my demands, take them or leave them. There has to be give and take, compromise, to make any relationship work. In the short term, ie a one night stand, people can function together for all types of reasons, but in the long term, both the parties needs have to be addressed. As long as Pace wants to be paid like a QB, we have no shot at signing him and he is in effect not trying to "marry" us, only trying to extort us.

    Notwithstanding the foregoing, he is worth more than robert gallery got, which i believe is more than ogden got, and remember that winslow, a poston client, got 16.5 million up front and pace is for sure worth more than that and an offensive tackle is worth more than the tight end.

    This is what i mean about a two way street. If it is going to work, pace has to value himself like a top notch left tackle and the rams need to adjust for changing market conditions, since the replacement cost is going up rapidly, keeping in mind also that the pie is getting bigger as the salary cap increases as revenues increase.

    ramming speed to all

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