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    Shaw and Zygmunts redirected Rams

    When John Shaw was asked why he chose to make a coaching change,...he said he didn't like the direction of things with the Rams under Martz.I agreed with that view 100 percent and now that the Rams have a new head coach and almost a totally new staff I want to get back to Shaw and Zygument.These two Rams Presidents have been at the top of the Rams organization for about twenty five plus years and though I have never faulted their style,....there is one thing I want to point out.The Rams have not had a top notch defensive foursome line since the pre Shaw and Zygmunt years which was the Youngblood,Brooks,Olsen and Dryer foursome... and even the St. Louis Super Bowl teams didn't match that lines effectiveness.The John Robinson 3-4 defensive lines never had enough talent to consistantly effect games.It is now time with a new defensive coordinator who has said a hybrid usage of 4-3,3-4 is in the mix of defensive strategy for John Shaw and Zygmunt to make certain this staff puts a priority into an elite defensive front which has eluded this franchise for too long.Whether John Shaw and Jay Zygmunt are absentee executives or not,...a top NFL defensive line for the Rams has been!

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    Re: Shaw and Zygmunts redirected Rams

    well "they" have invested in the D-line Gilbert,Wistrom,Carter,Lewis,Pickett,Kennedy all being first round picks!

    some were good some werent but its not like they havent attempted to address the D-line during their tenure!

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    Re: Shaw and Zygmunts redirected Rams

    yeah its not really their fault , we invested, we did NOT receive from them. How can you really fault them for lack of talent? I'm sure they were the best on the board at that point in time too
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    Re: Shaw and Zygmunts redirected Rams

    I agree. We have focused on the D Line. We have had plenty of bad luck. Wistrom was productive, pickett became productive, little has been very productive. Lewis got hurt. Kennedy got hurt and the book is out.

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    Re: Shaw and Zygmunts redirected Rams

    I too agree we invested alright in the D line we just didn't get the return, and we also put alot of those cap dollers into the Offence....

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