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    Shurmur is gone. Who will Replace him?

    Browns announced former Rams OC Pat Shurmur as the 13th head coach in franchise history.
    Shurmur had been considered the favorite for the job all along. He's essentially an extension of team president Mike Holmgren, who worked with Shurmur's uncle Fritz in Green Bay. Shurmur runs the West Coast offense that Holmgren will more fully implement in 2011, and he's presided over quarterbacks Sam Bradford, Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb in his time in St. Louis and in Philadelphia, where he was the quarterbacks coach for 10 years. The 45-year-old Shurmur has never been a head coach at any level.
    I hope we get McD in here now to make this offense a little more explosive and fun to watch. I am not sure how Shurmur will do in CLE but I'm not crying b/c he is gone.

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    Re: Shurmur is gone. Who will Replace him?

    I want to wish Pat Shurmur luck in his new position, I believe he is a class act and will be succesful. Thanks for all of your hard work.

    As for Josh McDaniels I am not a big fan, I think hes a little arrogant and can rub people the wrong way. I do not believe he will compliment what Spags and company have built in that locker room.

    I know his track record in New England with Tom Brady and Matt Cassel. He also had some sucess in Denver, but as stated above I do not like his caracter. However it could be the way he is portrayed by the media.

    I believe and trust in Spags that he will make the right decision. Its just the way that McDaniels bumped heads from the start with Jay Cutler his franchise quaterback at the time who we know are hard to come by and then the fiasco with Brandon Marshall a.k.a baby T.O. This guy was tearing that team apart and in the end I believe lost his locker room. The Broncos needed to rebuild their defence not the offence, thus the reason I think he set that franchise back three years.

    However he is a good offensive coordinator and maybe under Spags he will be pretty good. He would also not have the whole say on personnel decisions, but what makes me uncomfortable is this guy will be given 100% control of the offence. Just for the simple fact that Spags stays out of it a little because he is not a big offensive guy. Which is what I admire of him he doesnt try to micromanage everything, which is what I believe was Mike Singletary undoing.

    What do you guys think

    Go Rams 2011

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