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    ramfan247 Guest

    Shurmur Improving

    Shurmur at least took some risks and showed a little bit of enthusiasm today. I can appreciate that. These coaches are rookies but at least they seem to be learning from their mistakes little by little and I can appreciate that too. It just stinks that it will probably take the whole season for them to get a grasp on what will work for this team.

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    Re: Shurmur Improving

    I have to agree he actually took some shots down the field. One looked like a touchdown, but Tyrell Johnson amazingly broke it up. Avery actually made the plays he was supposed to on the short stuff so that also helped. Avery dropped one and McMichael dropped one nothing new, but we showed much better hands than usual

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    Re: Shurmur Improving

    The Rams had 400 yards of offense on Sunday, they just imploded in the red zone. And of course, the penalties...

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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: Shurmur Improving

    Hopefully Shurmur found out what happens when you open up your playbook, and continues to do it. I was pleased with it, we just have to take advantage of the redzone.

    Good job Shurmur!

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    Re: Shurmur Improving

    Based on my gut feelings alone, I like where the team is headed so far. I haven't observed too many "stoopid" play calls, although one "run on third and long" comes to mind from yesterday, but nowhere near the level of Loserhan was. I think the player’s believe in what Spags and Shurmur are doing so far and what we are experiencing is bad luck and rookie mistakes mostly at this point. I was hoping for a better record this year, but I don’t see it more than 5 wins at this point based on new regime and lack of talent.

    But with a good draft next year and some better luck, we could have a winning season next year, and that would be a fairly good turn around considering the circumstances. I am nowhere near the ledge at this point and I am still hopeful for the Rams.
    "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

    Jack Youngblood

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    Re: Shurmur Improving

    There were a couple deep pass plays that frankly should have been TD's. One was deflected by an amazing effort from Johnson, and one was overthrown by Boller to Burton, which would have been an easy TD.

    Hopefully Shurmur will call some more deep pass plays next week when Bulger comes back, because Bulger's accuracy is 10 times better than Bollers.

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    Re: Shurmur Improving

    The FB run on third down and the designed QB runs weren't great, but those were really my only complaints playcalling-wise. I thought Shurmur did a better job this week, and hopefully he'll continue to improve as well. The playcalling would have looked even better if the Rams had done a better job executing.

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