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    Re: Shurmur wasn't sure

    Pat Shurmur needs to be replaced! That was the worst game calling I have ever seen. Steven Jackson should have carried the ball over 20 times. The Seahawks have the 3rd worse D and can't stop the run. Also, Way too many short passes. Bradford has too much talent to be held back like that. They need to take more shots down field. We need and new offensive coordinator!

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    Re: Shurmur wasn't sure

    Quote Originally Posted by swatter555 View Post
    Without all of those dropped passes, Shurmur might have looked like a genius. Ok, maybe thats going too far, but it was execution in Seattle, not Shurmur.

    You want your OC to put your players in position to make plays. When the players drop several deep passes, thats on them.
    lmao several deep passes? what like 3-4 total deep passes? please this ddint losee us the game, sure they woulda sustained drives but the playcalling wouldnt of changed. Their simply wasnt enough creativity and pat shurmer didnt have the balls at the end of the day

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    Re: Shurmur wasn't sure

    Quote Originally Posted by chiguy View Post
    Oh...I know. But that is when I actually posted. Where were you folks then when everyone told me I was nuts!
    Hey I'm with you. I was just getting sick of being bashed for voicing my opinion about Shurmur. So I just stayed out of it to save my sanity. I can't stay out of it any longer. The guy should go.

    but... unfortunately he won't go anywhere. Spags doesn't see anything wrong with what is going on. It is the way he wants it to be. Might as well dig in and get used to it.

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