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    10 NFC West predictions and more

    NFC West

    1. St. Louis Rams
    A reason to believe: Fourth-year Rams running back Steven Jackson is one of the most dazzling talents in the NFL today, and he's the centerpiece of a St. Louis offense that looks ready to take another step in '07. Jackson has only touched the ball twice this preseason, which tells you what the Rams think of him. If you get the LT treatment these days, you're valuable.

    The thing that makes you nervous: Defense is always the question in St. Louis, and it's no different heading into this season. The Rams have an impressive young defensive lineman in Adam Carriker, but they'll need stepped up contributions from the entire front seven if they're going to improve their long-standing weakness against the run.

    2. Seattle Seahawks
    A reason to believe: The Seahawks are the only team in their division to post a winning record from '04 on, and that experience at winning has bred a confidence in Seattle. Mike Holmgren's club wins the games it has to in the regular season, and that should count for something for when another playoff berth is on the line in December.

    The thing that makes you nervous: The Seahawks' vaunted running game slipped a notch last season with the loss of guard Steve Hutchinson, and there are some who wonder if Shaun Alexander's 3.6-yard average carry last season was the beginning of his decline? Maybe the toll of three consecutive 300-plus carry seasons ('03-05) have caught up with Alexander.

    3. San Francisco *****
    A reason to believe: The ***** have assembled an impressive nucleus of young talent, and this could be the season where those players grow into a cohesive unit capable of making a wild-card run. Quarterback Alex Smith, tight end Vernon Davis, and running back Frank Gore give the ***** the makings of something that could be special on offense.

    The thing that makes you nervous: San Francisco's switch to the 3-4 defense on a full-time basis fits its personnel, but it's rare that such a move is seamless in the first year. There will likely be some painful stages to the transition, as young players such as Patrick Willis and Manny Lawson mature in their roles.

    4. Arizona Cardinals
    A reason to believe: Quarterback Matt Leinart looks poised to surpass the limited success of his rookie season, and he looks comfortable in the offense that new head coach Ken Whisenhunt brought with him from Pittsburgh. Leinart's rapport with his talented receivers is stronger as the weeks go by.

    The thing that makes you nervous: The Cardinals' defense has been a sieve the past two weeks of the preseason, getting shredded by Houston's Matt Schaub and San Diego's Philip Rivers. As much talent as we know Arizona has on offense, it won't matter much if the defense can't stop anyone.

    Playoff predictions

    AFC East -- New England
    AFC North -- Baltimore
    AFC South -- Indianapolis
    AFC West -- San Diego
    Wild card -- New York Jets
    Wild card -- Denver

    AFC Championship -- New England over San Diego

    NFC East -- Philadelphia
    NFC North -- Chicago
    NFC South -- New Orleans
    NFC West -- St. Louis
    Wild card -- Dallas
    Wild card -- Seattle

    NFC Championship -- New Orleans over Philadelphia

    Super Bowl -- New England over New Orleans

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    Country Guest

    Re: NFC West predictions and more

    Finally a little love for the Rams in a division with a number of overhyped teams [Seattle and San Francisco]/

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    Re: NFC West predictions and more

    Once we're in the playoff dance.....anything is possible. I don't see any team in the NFC that is going to be able to dominate us.

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    Re: NFC West predictions and more

    I want to see production and all around great playing on both sides of the ball!
    These predictions kill me. I want to see it first hand. Come on Rams and kick some ASS!!!!!

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    chipperjones Guest

    Re: NFC West predictions and more

    Ok...Ok...I like that

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    blood85 Guest

    Re: NFC West predictions and more

    Hmmmmm, Rams need defense, NAAAHHH, really????Not our Rams...

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    macrosenberg Guest

    Re: NFC West predictions and more

    wow that magazine put us in second place tho


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