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    Re: NFL Truth and Rumors

    If they did get Bulger, they'd better get him ASAP so we could pull the trigger on Stafford!

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    Re: NFL Truth and Rumors

    Quote Originally Posted by maineram View Post
    Many here may dislike Bulger and want him and his contract gone. If that does happen, who would be behind center for 2009 ?

    Green, Berlin ?
    Trade for another veteran or young up and comer ?
    Use the first pick on this years Manning ......... or Leaf ?

    I would prefer keeping Bulger, hopefully with a restructured contract. Most would have to admit that Marc has been a team player since he became the starter. Restructuring and giving the team some salary cap space to help the team is something I see Marc doing.
    Use a lower round pick this year to hopefully become our starter in a few years after learning from behind the clip board.

    We have enough overall team needs without adding another biggie to the list.

    Maineram -

    Who cares who goes behind center. One thing's for sure, whoever it is, they couldn't be any worse than Bulger has been the last two years. That said, I doubt Bulger is going anywhere.

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    Re: NFL Truth and Rumors

    I think this type of things remains alive because guess of creatable radio programs have mention this time and time again. I listen to allot of ESPN radio and have heard it on more than a few occasions. Probably new papers and .com site picks up on it than run with it.

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