Rams Open First Portion of Training Camp
Posted >Thu, July 29, 2010 11:15
by Nick Wagoner

- The Rams began their training camp in earnest on Thursday morning, practicing with rookies, quarterbacks and selected veterans. The group of selected veterans - per league rule - comes from players who are recovering or have recovered from injuries suffered last season or during the offseason.

- Before we get into the practice happenings, just a quick word on QB Sam Bradford. No deal is done just yet but it is expected to happen sooner than later. It sounds like it's just a matter of time right now.

- The veterans will all report tomorrow afternoon before the first full squad workout on Saturday.

- Of the injured players returning to action, all participated in Thursday's practice save for running back Steven Jackson and safety Oshiomogho Atogwe. Both are expected to arrive Friday.

- As for the rest of the recovering from injury crew, most did a good majority of Thursday's morning practice. Tackle Jason Smith was limited and didn't do team drills (Rodger Saffold filled in on the left side) but Smith still did a good amount of work.

- Speaking of the tackle duo, Spagnuolo says that right now nothing is set in stone in terms of which player will end up on which side of the line. While both are expected to ultimately be the OL bookends, there is going to be a period to take a look at what each player can bring on each side of the line. With Smith limited, Saffold will get a long look on the left side.

- For their parts, neither Smith nor Saffold seemed too concerned with which side they play, saying they only want to do what they can to help the team.

- Tight end Daniel Fells appeared to be back to full speed and acknowledged as much on Thursday morning. He's recovered from knee injury and wasn't limited much if at all in practice.

- Ditto for cornerback Bradley Fletcher.

- QB A.J. Feeley doesn't mind reporting early even though he's one of the teams most experienced vets. Feeley says it's a chance to knock off some rust before everyone arrives so he can hit the ground running when everyone does arrive.

- Spagnuolo says that undrafted rookie Jamie McCoy will get work at running back as well as fullback as the Rams continue to explore his intriguing versatility.

- A few housekeeping items to get out on the jersey number front...CB Jerome Murphy has switched from 26 to 23, Moses Harris has switched from 42 to 26, CB Antoine Thompson has switched from 38 to 41 and LB Cardia Jackson has switched from 48 to 51.

- That's it for now. Be back with more from the afternoon practice barring any breaking news.