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    Signings help make for brighter camp mood

    Rams Notes:
    By Bill Coats
    Saturday, Jul. 28 2007

    The Rams kicked off preparations for Scott Linehan's second season as head
    coach under dark clouds. Still, with quarterback Marc Bulger getting a six-year
    contract extension and first-round draft pick Adam Carriker signing a five-year
    deal, the mood was neon-bright.

    Not only was Linehan relieved after a worrisome, sleepless night to have his
    roster locked down, but he also was in a far more comfortable mode than he was
    in July 2006.

    "I was laughing with a couple of coaches about where all of us are compared to
    a year ago at this time," Linehan said after the first of two training camp
    workouts Friday at Rams Park. "It's much different. There was much more
    attention to the ... details of what they're doing out there on the field
    instead of where they're doing them."

    Linehan and his newly assembled staff spent much of the early part of camp last
    year hustling to complete the installation of their schemes. That included
    drilling players in such basics as where they were to line up in various

    Those days are long gone. The morning practice ran a crisp two hours in front
    of 751 spectators, and Linehan was especially pleased that the mental work done
    during the spring appeared to have stuck.

    "I think their retention is great," he said. "We've got a lot of carryover from
    a year ago. But it's a new year, and we'll see. We aren't where we need to be
    to do much damage yet, but it's a good first step."


    Linebacker Chris Draft, an offseason pickup, was the first camp casualty. He
    left the morning practice after about 15 minutes and appeared to be suffering
    from the effects of asthma.

    Once Draft was taken to a hospital, it was determined that he had a throat
    infection. He spent the night at the hospital and was receiving antibiotics.

    BOW WOW!

    A luxury car? A fancy boat? A glitzy mansion?

    Nope. When asked what he planned for his first purchase, the suddenly wealthy
    Carriker said: "I want to buy a dog. My wife wants to adopt one, and whenever
    she finds one she likes, we're going to get it."


    Second-year cornerback Tye Hill, who sat out the June minicamp because of a
    staph infection on his left leg, returned to action with a vengeance. He made
    several strong plays in coverage and caught Linehan's eye.

    "Tye looked why we drafted him in the first round last year. I think he's ready
    to take his game to a new level," Linehan said. "He's going to be getting a lot
    of one-on-one matchups against (opponents') best (wide receivers), and ... we
    think he feels pretty confident in that role."


    Five starters underwent surgery either during the '06 season or soon
    thereafter, and all were full-go Friday. That group comprises defensive end
    James Hall (shoulder), wide receiver Torry Holt (knee), center Andy McCollum
    (knee), tackle Orlando Pace (triceps) and linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa (shoulder).

    Linehan plans to give several veterans — mentioning McCollum, Pace, Holt, Isaac
    Bruce, La'Roi Glover and Leonard Little — occasional breaks during camp.

    "We'll rotate some of the older guys, as far as reps," he said, then quipped,
    "There's a cutoff: If you're 32 or older, you get special treatment."

    Holt and Pace might not have appreciated that remark. Both are 31.


    Undrafted rookie Kevin McLee, a linebacker from West Virginia, reported to
    practice Friday morning. He missed Thursday's team meeting because of the death
    of his father. ... Today's single practice begins at 3 p.m. and is open to the

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    Re: Signings help make for brighter camp mood

    Undrafted rookie Kevin McLee, a linebacker from West Virginia, reported to
    practice Friday morning. He missed Thursday's team meeting because of the death
    of his father.
    That's a horrible loss no matter what one's station in life. However, for this kid, whose sole attention should be on maximizing his chance (albeit slim) at fulfilling a life-long dream, to now face the death of his father...........just doesn't seem fair in the least.

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    Re: Signings help make for brighter camp mood

    can you imagine reporting to training camp the morning after that kind of personal calamity. i have no idea if the kid can play, but you cant show a higher level of commitment than that.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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